Charles “BUD” Banks

A huge Virtual Salute to my grandfather, Charles ‘Bud’ Banks. He was part of the 636 Tank Destroyer Batallion, and saw combat in Europe by way of N Africa. Although he passed some time ago, we still speak his name. By all accounts, a great soldier but an even better grandpa!

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Mike Assum, US NAVY

A huge Virtual Salute shout out to Mike Assum. An amazing man who is committed to creating the best for all in all ways. You know when the U.S. Navy sends someone out as Lt. Commander of a Nuclear Submarine, they have a dependable man they know they can trust. That is exactly who Mike […]

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I Salute My Grandfather

Today I salute my grandfather Donald Barnum who served in Naval intelligence during World War 2. He was a brilliant man who was part of the On-The-Roof team who helped crack the Japanese code. Fortunately he knew enough to move my grandmother and dad (who was 3 at the time) from Honolulu back to Oregon […]

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