5 Home Restoration Terms Everyone Should Know

Renovation is the process of restoring something to its original condition. This can be used for anything from personal renovations, where people are restoring homes or other larger-scale projects, which are more commonly restored on a smaller budget.

There are many types of renovation projects that you might choose to do on your home, but the common thread is that they all have an end goal in mind. Quality construction companies can help guide you through this entire process by helping you decide what things need to get done. There are different phases in home restoration; there is demolition and prepping before part A starts and after part B has been completed, then there’s cleanup too!

Below we’ve provided some tips regarding the five mains in any home restoration project:  preparation, demolition, prepping, installation and cleanup. Some are more complicated than others but any average handyman can easily do these types of repairs or renovation projects at home.


Preparation takes place before any actual construction starts. First, you need to decide what needs to be done and collect all the parts and tools you will require to complete the renovations properly. Then try and create a layout sketch or blueprint of what you plan on doing so that your final product is just the way you imagined it in your head! This step helps homeowners focus on their vision by determining what has to be taken out and how much needs to be removed before installing the new stuff. For example, somebody wants to remove an old kitchen and install a new one, so they must remove the old kitchen structure, appliances, flooring, cabinets, etc. replacing and installing them with the new materials and fixtures. This requires more than just doing some light demolition: you need to get rid of everything down to the studs.


Demolition is all about taking things out! If your renovation project involves removing walls or even entire rooms in your home then this step is for you! Homeowners can either hire a contractor company that will demolish their structures for them or simply rent their own equipment from a local hardware store and do it themselves [if that’s what floats your boat]. Sometimes homeowners cannot do demolition because they are busy with other things or have enough money to hire somebody else to do the dirty work.


Prepping is like preparing all over again, but this time it’s for construction to start! You will need to fix any holes in the walls and cover up all the windows in your home with plastic before you can begin. If there are cracks in your walls due to bad foundation issues then you might want to consider getting that fixed too. This step also includes allocating space for construction vehicles or machinery if needed. Sometimes homeowners will store these things inside their homes temporarily until they are done with renovations.


This is where homeowners finally get their hands dirty and installation begins! During this phase, homeowners can expect workers around their homes pretty much all day and night. These workers can be your typical carpenters and plumbers, but they might also bring in electricians and other professionals as well depending on what restoration project you are doing to your home!


You finally reached the last step: cleanup! This is the final phase where homes and homeowners can begin to make their house look the way it did before restoration even started! Even though workers will be done with your home you might want to think about possibly hiring a contractor company again, if only for a day or two, to help give your home some final touches as well as cleaning things up such as painting as needed. In the end, your home will be restored and look better than it did before!

A word of advice: when in doubt, always consult a professional contractor company for all renovations and restoration to make sure the job is done right.

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