Top 5 things to look for in a Denver real estate agent

Who wants to live in Denver? The answer is simple: Everyone does! There are a lot of reasons why people love living in Colorado, but they all boil down to the beauty of the state, its rich history, friendly locals, and the opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities year-round. And, there are the top things to look for in a real estate agent in Denver to help you in that real estate market.

Probably want a realtor who has already lived in Denver or at least knows the area well. Real estate agents like Nancy Henderson from High Ridge Realty are always looking for new listings, and they often have access to information that buyers don’t. This means they can save you time and effort, and let you know about properties before they hit the market.

These are questions you should ask prior to hiring any Real Estate Agency

  1. Experience & Knowledge – How long has your realtor been working in Denver? What other cities have they worked in before? Where did they go to school and what are their degrees? Is this agent licensed? If not, how do they plan to get licensed? Do they know anything about the market that you need them to understand?

This combined experience should be your first priority when looking at real estate services. Experience is something that can only be gained through time, after doing many transactions. If they have done a lot of work for clients already then this shows that they are serious about their job, making them reliable.

  1. Communication Skills – Can they clearly communicate what you want and expect from your home buying experience? Are they willing to work hard and show you houses that don’t meet your expectations? Does the agent listen to you and really understand what you’re looking for?
  2. Attitude – You can tell who’s going to be a great fit for you just by talking to them. Are they excited to help you find your dream house? Do they seem interested in the things that you care about? Do they value your time and make you feel like they truly care about finding you the right home?
  3. Relationship Building – This is especially true if your realtor already knows people in your neighborhood. Do they bring their friends over to introduce you to their friends? Do they take the time to get to know you and build a relationship with you?
  4. Professionalism – Do they treat you with respect? Do they respond promptly to emails? Do they return phone calls? Do they schedule viewings well in advance? 

A professional real estate agent is going to take pride in their work. This means that they take care of their clients and treat them with respect. They know how to interact with people and handle difficult situations. An honest and ethical person who cares about their reputation and integrity is a good sign.

Obtain the best guide in your property search

Colorado is full of beautiful scenery and amazing opportunities to get out and explore nature. In addition, Colorado offers affordable housing options and great schools for children. When searching for a house, you want to find a real estate professional who understands these unique features. One of our Trusted Real Estate Agents in Denver is Nancy Henderson from High Ridge Realty, get in contact with her today at (720) 664-7864.

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