Top areas to live in Denver for first-time home buyers


The United States is huge, why would it be good to consider living in Colorado? Which area would it be the best for first-time homebuyers to live in Colorado? Let’s talk about Denver! Talking about the top areas to live in Denver for first-time home buyers can help you make a decision.

Denver is one of America’s best cities for business, education, entertainment, and living. It ranks high on Forbes Magazine’s list of Best Places to Live, and it received the highest score in the United States for livability from In addition, Denver offers many opportunities for outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking, biking, fishing, golfing, boating, and camping.

Denver has a favorable climate that makes it attractive for both residents and businesses alike. The city sits at an elevation of 5,280 feet above sea level, which means it gets nearly 10 hours of sunlight each day and rarely sees snowfall. This year, the average temperature was 62 degrees Fahrenheit, and Denver averages only 0.7 inches of precipitation per month.

If it sounds like a good idea, now is just a matter of obtaining the right-first-time home buyer resources in hand. Besides giving you the contact information of a trusted Real State Agent like Nancy Henderson from High Ridge Realty, next up, learn about the top 4 areas in Denver to live in.

4 top areas to live in Denver for first-time homebuyers

  1. West Colfax Avenue/Downtown Denver

West Colfax is where it’s at if you’re looking to get your feet wet in the real estate market. This area has the highest concentration of homes that sell between $300k-$500k, making this a popular place for first-time buyers who want to jump-start their property portfolio.

West Colfax has a lot going for it, including its proximity to the Colorado State University campus. This neighborhood is often called “the heart of Denver,” due to its central location and abundance of activities. There are several parks in West Colfax, great restaurants, shops, and the 16th Street Mall.

  1. South Broadway/Capitol Hill

Southeast Denver’s Capitol Hill neighborhood boasts some of the city’s most affordable housing options and is great for those looking to buy their first home. Homes here can typically be purchased for under $300k, while you’ll find yourself close to restaurants and shopping centers along Champa Street. 

South Broadway is the oldest section of Denver and is full of charming historic buildings. While not the largest neighborhood in terms of size, South Broadway offers residents a variety of cultural events and is close to the city’s best shopping and dining.

  1. Cherry Creek North/Lafayette Park

For those looking for a little bit of everything, Cherry Creek North may be the perfect fit. Homeownership options range from spacious condos to cheap houses, and you’ll never have to worry about running into traffic due to heavy foot traffic. You’ll also enjoy easy access to parks, recreation, and dining. Check out our guide below for more details.

  1. North Capitol Hill

North Capitol Hill is the area that is closest to downtown Denver and is therefore considered the city’s center. This is where many of the city’s high-end condos can be found, along with some of the nicest neighborhoods. There are several schools in this neighborhood and a wide range of stores and services.


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