HOA.com concierge Services

In today’s ever changing environment it is now more important to focus on what matters most. Whether you’re making minor home improvements or doing a full home renovation, our team at HOA.com can assist you in finding the right Certified Pro for your needs.

What is a concierge?

A concierge is a person or a company that is available to help you in your day-to-day life. The expert team at HOA.com is just that – think of us as your home’s concierge provider.

We specialize in taking the pressure off you during one of the most stressful life events such as “moving-in or out” or updating and repairing your home.

For Homeowners

Personalized concierge assistance for homeowners needing resources in over 200 categories related to home services, remodeling, repairs, or design assistance.

We have compiled a list of reasons why HOA.com is the preferred homeowner service provider
and lead generator platform:

Home Services

Just tell us about your project and we’ll find the best pro for the job.  Then, you’ll be empowered to make an informed, logical, and educated decision.

Personalized concierge assistance for homeowners needing resources in over 200 categories related to home services, remodeling, repairs, or design assistance.

Financial Services

Life can get hectic sometimes, and many people find themselves losing sight or putting off the things that will have a major impact on their future.

HOA.com works directly with Financial Advisors to help you get your ‘ducks in a row’ when it comes to: Investing, Attorneys, Estate Planning, 401k, and much more. 

Real Estate

When it comes to selling your home, our curated list of Certified Pros can guide you through the right steps so you can attract the right buyer faster.  

Then comes the fun part, finding a house for sale that you can turn into your new home. Our Concierge Services will guide you step-by-step along the way.

For hoa.com trusted pros

It takes an enormous amount of energy to grow your business, especially when striving to have a consistent income flow or focusing on becoming a trusted local and national authority in your field of expertise.

Exclusive Network Promotion

We only focus on promoting service providers that serve homeowners, investment owners, property management, real estate based companies.

Marketing Services

You’re the expert in your business, we’re experts at marketing. HOA.com has built proven marketing strategies to increase business visibility.

Increase Referral Network

Receiving a new lead on your website or by phone is great, but statistics show that a referral lead is 60% more likely to use your products and services.

Meet hoa.com director of concierge services

Founder and CEO of The Luxury Look, an interior home design company located in Scottsdale, AZ; Kristine Vowles has joined the HOA.com team as the Director of Concierge Services.

need specific marketing for your company?

Utilizing HOA.com Business Services is a great way to ensure your website performance
is where it needs to be to earn more website traffic.

Need help finding a quality pro to maintain, repair, or remodel your home? 

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