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About Gail Golec

Gail Golec is Constitutionialist who loves God, America and FREEDOM! She is a local business leader, entrepreneur and Realtor who stands with and for the People of Arizona and America! She has been an activist and a citizen journalist who has continued to find and report the insurmountable amount of corruption in Arizona. Gail has worked directly with many of the key Senators and American Patriots in order to ensure that this Audit took place and that the Truth abuot what heppened be exposed.
"Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” – John 8:32

On November 7th 2021, Gail hosted a “Truth Tellers Town Hall”, wherein volunteers from across the state to gave their personal testimony, on the record, regarding what they saw or experienced behind the scenes working the 2020 Presidential elections and its subsequent audit efforts. We know for a fact that tens of thousands of fake ballots were counted during the Audit and We need to get beyond the cover-up. We need Justice. Multiple complaints have been filed with the Attorney Generals’ Office, but nothing to date has happened as a result of these criminal complaints of election fraud.

Gail has a vested interested in the business community and has worked diligently to improve their profits in multiple facets. She has fought right along side the business owners against these tyrranical medical mandates that are being imposed Unconstitutioianally by Our Federal Government. She has also worked within the Medical community to help those suffering with mental illness and substance use disorders. She believe an audit of the Medical Industry is in order as well. Where the funds are going to help those suffering with these illnesses and more. It appears the money continue to stay at the top and not make it’s way to where we need it most, the every day workers.

Why I am Running?

First and foremost, we need legal, legitimite and transparent elections in Arizona and America. The Vote is how We The People have control of the Government and the People in Government. It is quite obvious that right now in Arizona, there is a Selection, not an Election. We The People Need to Take Back Control of Our Elections! I guarantee you that when I am elected I will continue to shine a light on these methods of corruption that are taking place in Arizona and work tirelessly to effect the changes necessary to ensure that ONLY legally cast votes are counted. I cherish our sacred American Vote. Our vote should be protected at all costs. In addition, I would be standing for Freedom of Speech, allowing ALL the Science to be shared as it relates to these medical mandates. The censorship must stop. We must be able to share the truth. And I will be on the front line making sure that all sides get heard I will represent YOU, the People of Arizona, in District 2 of Maricopa County, Arizona.


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