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We are The Homeowner Alliance. We connect professionals who serve homeowners to get home projects, home maintenance done right, the first time.

We work with all professionals who serve homeowners, including: Realtors, Loan Officers, Insurance Agents, Financial Planners, Painters, Plumbers, Landscapers, Roofers, and many more!

At HOA.com, we believe in serving homeowners

We are..

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What is your current strategy for consistently winning new loans in this tough market? Are you dialing leads that suck? Are you wasting time on social media doing who knows what? Are you tired of chasing down realtors and not sure how to do so more successfully?
You probably want to be closing loans more consistently, even in a down market like this one. And you may even suspect that it’s possible, even in this market, to succeed and thrive if you know the right things to do. It is possible.
But you need a strategy. That’s why Todd Bookspan (Founder of WinByNoon) and Brandon Barnum (CEO of HOA.com & Author of Raving Referrals) have put together a free Masterclass for Mortgage LOs who are ready to dominate their local market and consistently win new business by referral every month, consistently, even in a down market.


All plans come with our satisfaction guarantee!


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All plans come with our satisfaction guarantee!


The Basics

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Everything You Need

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After you’ve selected your first set of communities, your business information will be showcased front and center on these pages where homeowners can find the right HOA.com Pro (you) for their upcoming home purchase. 

Establish your expert authority by adding your HOA.com Pro badge and profile link to your website, social sites, newsletters, brochures, business cards and other marketing materials.

Premier Pros Only: Your Premier Pro profile page will have a direct link to the website of your choice, we suggest driving your target audience into your website application form!

The HOA.com HomeSafe ReportTM is a free report you can run for your clients to provide insight on the home they currently live in or looking to sell/purchase.

Go ahead and try it for yourself: https://homesafe.hoa.com/

You have a network of people that you know, like, and trust. When you activate your network and your trusted team joins the HOA.com network, you’ll earn additional streams of income for each one of them, it’s our Referral Rewards Program!

Do you know how many referral partners you have? How many other companies are sending you business?

Our team will show you where you’re at and how to get where your business needs to go to increase Raving Referrals!

You’ll earn 20% on any of the companies in your network that join the HOA.com network!

Yes, we want to pay you a referral commission for bringing your network to help homeowners throughout the United States.

Each month, we will give you access to turn-key Community Impact events and campaigns to boost your credibility, visibility, and authority with homeowners in your HOA.com communities.

These social sharable campaigns will keep you top of mind and help you win heart share at the same time.

Add value to your current and past clients with your own co-branded concierge portal.

This will help the families you serve hire their next Pro or coordinate their next move. Best of all, you will be featured prominently so they know this is another benefit of choosing you as their trusted HOA.com Expert.

HOA.com hosts and also promotes local events. When you become an HOA.com Expert, you’ll be able to attend all of the events we’re hosting or promoting for free!

If the book isn’t already enough, we’re also throwing in the video training for Raving Referrals. 

Did you know: Referral business converts 80% more leads than leads from other sources?

Are you looking for a way to increase the productivity and profitability of your business? Did you know that having a Business Coach is an excellent way to take your business to the next level?

We at HOA.com, we believe that business coaching is a major key to success. That’s why we offer bi-weekly training sessions to our paid members. Our business coaches are experienced professionals who will help you reach your goals and help you achieve the dreams you have for your business.

With our help, you can become a successful business owner and enjoy all the benefits that come with it. We assist in areas like: Marketing, Sales, Strategy, Management, Systems and Processes. And, we provide the tools and resources you need to succeed – so don’t wait any longer! Sign up and join our bi-weekly Business Coaching sessions today and start reaping the rewards.

We teach you our proven process for launching your own HOA.com Business Alliance group. It’s like having your own BNI group except you are the center of influence and control who gets invited and approved.

Each month, we give you a new Alliance Agenda to run your meeting complete with compelling questions to ask your referral partners, so it is less commercials and more of a mastermind with your referral partners.  It’s your group so no one can tell you what to do or what to say.  Talk about the best of all worlds.  

Designed for Social and SEO, you’ll meet with our Community Manager over Zoom, we’ll record the meeting/interview, and we’ll provide the recording in full, as well as clipped up versions for you (and us) to share and promote on social media. 

The video will be transcribed and also be optimized to rank in search for your company and brand name!

You’ll get a professionally written, 100% completely unique, SEO driven article produced by HOA.com featuring you and your business on our website (or you can choose to host it on yours) featuring your products and services.

When homeowners call into this line, you’ll be the Premier Pro recommended for their home services! We’ll connect them with your business directly and this white glove approach keeps you in front of consumers each time they reach out for home services.

You’ll get a copy of the Amazon Best Seller Book (authored by HOA.com CEO Brandon Barnum).

Everything starts with activating your referral network using our proven Raving Referrals campaigns.




Local & Digital Events

HOA.com is proud to host business coaching, local marketing, business networking, community impact and networking mixer events each month – all designed to bring together 4-5 star rated service-based companies to formalize referral partnerships.

Check out our Events Calendar and show up to become involved within the HOA.com community and the communities you serve.

Community Impact

Each month, we will give you access to turn-key Community Impact events and campaigns to boost your credibility, visibility, and authority with homeowners in your HOA.com communities. 

These social sharable campaigns will keep you top of mind and help you win heart share at the same time.

Get Paid for Promoting HOA.com

Looking to make some extra money?

If so, check out the Referral Partner program with HOA.com. The #1 Referral Network for Professionals who serve Homeowners.

HOA.com connects homeowners to professionals they can trust. When you refer homeowners and professionals to our network, you’ll earn a share of the Referral Rewards our Certified Pros pay when they receive referrals.

Earn 20% of all Lifetime Membership Fees received from Certified Pros you refer. Earn 10% of all Lifetime Membership Fees received from Pros who are referred by the Certified Pros you personally enroll.

Need help online?

You’ve created a successful business because you have premier expertise and excel within your home service industry.

But, are you an online marketer? Is your website optimized to receive FREE traffic from search engines like Google? HOA.com can provide a Snapshot of your website and online performance upon request.