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About the company

AIC Insurance Agency-Carefree, AZ is full-service, independent insurance agency for Auto, Home, Life, Health, and Commercial. Our local agencies are committed to world-class service with over 50 companies to meet your insurance needs in multiple states.

Aaron started helping people with insurance in 2012. He enlists prior work experience in restaurants and hotels to efficiently serve clients. When he’s not crunching numbers in the office, he’s out volunteering in the community or enjoying quality family time. Many financial experts will tell you some unforeseen emergency, lack of the right kind of insurance, and insufficient rainy-day savings can spell financial hardship quickly. Aaron is an expert in insurance with lots other life experience. He’ll help you organize and understand your insurance needs. He’ll shop the market, compare coverage and costs and find the best deal for you!


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Vanessa Andrews

Excellent, friendly, helpful. Aaron is one of those kind people willing to help if he is needed. Very convenient office right inside The USPS Carefree Post Office complex, and he is a Notary Public. I often find him working too late, after hours.
He got me a much better auto policy then what I had previously, at a much better price.
Thank you Aaron! Highly recommended, call or go see him, you’ll be glad you did.

Update: i am very happy to report I have been referring my real estate clients that buy/sell and rent homes with me. All have given me great feedback and are very fond of Aaron. Most recently were renters from Europe needing renters' insurance. Always easy. Thank you Aaron!

Sam wise

I have known Aaron for more than a decade personally, have been under his supervision in the workplace, lived with him and his wife for 3 years post-college and visit him regularly. Some things to know about Aaron- first, he works hard until the job is done to his high standards. He makes sure of that- back when I worked with him in 2011 he emphasized to double-triple check everything to ensure good customer service. The second thing to know is Aaron is a great conversator; he is a man with a broad range of life experiences and can relate to others well and enjoys that. So he will not only sell you something but will get to know you first to make sure he proposes policies that are right for you as well as double-triple check on how your coverage is perceived by you. Finally, Aaron is a nice person. Business can be tough and insurance is a minefield that can be stressful but he has a friendly personality that he would sooner die for than forfeit. I now live 8 hours from him and I miss his friendliness every day.

He saved me $60/month on my insurance as well, which by itself makes me sing his praises. I cannot recommend anyone more highly both on a personal and a professional level. Thank you for everything man.

Susan R.

I met Aaron at a networking event last year and wow, was I glad when he reached out to me recently. I happened to be in need of some major insurance changes...

Sylvain D.

AIC is a great asset to the city of Carefree. Aaron is extremely helpful and knows his products very well. I contacted him after hours for an emergency...

HoyMay P.

I met with a very nice gentleman to ask about prescription insurance. Medicare insurance open season begins 10/15. Technically he is allowed to talk about...

Mari Centeno

Aaron provided excellent customer service while doing all the work to find us a better deal for car and home insurance. He took care of everything needed to cancel the other insurances and invested time in handling my mortgage company challenges. Thank you Aaron for saving me the headache and getting us a great deal!!


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