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About the company

Locally owned and operated, Arizona Pest Solutions has a quarter-century of experience in the pest control business. We work with both residential and commercial clients to service the entire Phoenix-Metro area.

At Arizona Pest Solutions, we believe that every customer is unique, as is every job. We know that, to stand out from the competition, our team has to provide the best customer service as well as the highest quality. That’s what Arizona Pest Solutions does, day in, day out.

At Arizona Termite & Pest Solutions, we understand that creepy crawlies are more than an annoyance. Termites, bed bugs, rodents, bees, and more threaten both your personal health, pets and your property. We also know that no two customers are the same, so we don’t use a cookie cutter approach to Arizona Pest Control. Our professional technicians ask questions and listen to your answers so that they can accurately diagnose the problem and determine the best solution. Then, we don’t stop until your problem is solved.


Termites. These nasty little critters are the bane of homeowners everywhere, thanks to their ability to do incredible damage by chewing through wood, wallpaper, and flooring without you even realizing it. That’s how they earned the nickname Silent Destroyers.

There are over 2,000 rodent species, with the largest family including rats, gerbils, and mice. Rats and mice carry and transmit a variety of diseases and may even introduce other vermin into your home, such as ticks and fleas. They reproduce and grow quickly, with mice averaging eight litters per year with at least four pups per litter. Rats have between four and seven litters each year, birthing at least eight pups each time.

There are thousands of spider species. Here in the desert, we mostly worry about the Brown Recluse, Black Widow, Wolf Spider, and Tarantula. Like many bugs, they feed on other insects and reproduce fairly quickly.

Bed Bugs
Bed bugs are such a nightmare to deal with that it isn’t unusual for a homeowner to say they’d rather move than deal with another outbreak. These nasty bugs live on blood and you can find them in mattress seams, sheets, and furniture, as well as hiding behind picture frames and electrical outlets. An adult bed bug resembles an apple seed in both shape and size, but your initial discovery may be the sight of their skin, which they shed as they grow. You may also see brown or black stains around where they nest. If you notice bites on the skin but aren’t sure where they came from, start looking for bed bugs, just in case.


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Michael A.Michael A.

Two years free of termites!!! When the other guys had to come out every six months for a spray treatment...

M H.M H.

No one wants to be reading these reviews, but if you need a GREAT, reliable can stop reading reviews and just call Jon and his team. They came...

Nancy S.Nancy S.

I've been using Arizona Termite & Pest Solutions for about a year now and couldn't be happier. Scheduling is easy with texting or phone calls with Valerie...


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