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Cheetah Solar
Deryl VanNostrand

3101 N Central Ave STE 770, Phoenix, AZ 85012

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About the company

Cheetah Solar is a residential and commercial solar energy provider. Based in Phoenix, AZ, Cheetah Solar was Co-Founded by Andy Hansen and Evan Ferrante. The Co-Founders have more than a decade’s-worth of experience in the solar industry. They have helped guide the installation of more than 750 solar projects in eight different states (through May 2019).
Hansen came to the solar industry after a 10-year career in the hospitality and customer service industry. His primary responsibilities at Cheetah Solar include the Operations sector and oversees the various Marketing strategies.
Ferrante has been in sales for more than a decade. He has been educating homeowners and business owners throughout the United States about the benefits of solar for the past seven years. His primary responsibilities at Cheetah Solar include all Sales and Recruiting efforts for the company.


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Michelle PeteanMichelle Petean

I couldn’t be more thankful for Cheetah Solar and their Team! The amount of knowledge I obtained from them about Solar helped me tremendously and is continually helping me excel in this field. At first, I wasn’t so sure about how home owners could save so much with solar- but after learning about in depth at Cheetah Solar, they explained everything from A-Z on how extremely beneficial Solar is and why every home owner needs to have it! I will forever be grateful for Cheetah and team (Sammy, Evan, Andy, and Ed)!

Joe MercuriJoe Mercuri

Cheetah Solar is awesome. I attended their training program and the amount of support and material provided is incredible. They know how to truly educate the benefit of solar and genuinely care about homeowners turning towards energy efficiency. I would give them higher than 5 stars if I could.

Lina D.Lina D.

Cheetah is an amazing company to work with.! Especially operations team they are on top of it.! I am so happy to be a part of this company…and Ed always help me with all the questions I have, he never ignore and always help me out.! I love them.! This is something that I was looking for 😊

Andres HernandezAndres Hernandez

I am very pleased with my experience with Cheetah Solar!

Evan provided great customer service and really helped breakdown the costs and potential savings. He wasn't pushy so our conversation felt
nothing like a sales pitch, which was refreshing. I already had solar panels and was grandfathered in on an really good APS plan. We looked at the numbers and found that there was still potential, although minor, to save on energy costs by expanding my system and overall justify the cost of expanding it!

Several months later and my energy savings are exactly as we discussed (possibly better) - no regrets here!

Highly recommend this company 🙌

Tyler OrrTyler Orr

I went to train with Cheetah because I am getting in to solar sales. Evan was a great and gifted teacher who explained everything in a way that even a rookie could understand. The morals of this company and how they want to be represented in the solar space speaks volumes about how the conduct business. If I wasn’t about to put solar on my house I would have Evan with Cheetah put it on for me. Highly recommend


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