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CPTX Renewable Energy, LLC – CEO Jeff Kikel

1320 Arrow Point Dr, Ste 501 Cedar Park, TX 78613

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About the company

CPTX Renewable Energy was founded by Jeff Kikel in 2021. We are a new company with a long history. As a distributor for Apricot Solar and working with our installer Freedom Forever, we have a team that has the expertise to help complete our client’s projects.

At CPTX Renewable and Apricot Solar we are dedicated to making solar energy affordable and accessible to everyone—with ZERO upfront costs.

Your home can become its own tiny power station and generate plenty of reliable energy, all while reducing your electric bill.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that your greener lifestyle will help your state achieve its renewable energy goals.




  • Solar System Inspection
    • Our basic solar inspection includes an external inspection of panels, Inverter, and electrical connections. In addition we will complete an analysis of your system production and analysis of the corresponding electric bill.


  • 25 Point Home Energy Audit
    • Our 25 Point Home Energy Audit is perfect for the DIYer that is trying to make their home more energy efficient. We inspect 25 areas of your home including HVAC, Insulation, Windows, and Doors, etc. We will present you with a report that prioritizes what can be done to improve your energy usage.


  • Solar Repair
    • Do you have an existing system that might need repair or that is underproducing. Have us come out and take a look at the system to be able


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William HudsonWilliam Hudson

We have been considering solar for years and had never pulled the trigger. Meeting Jeff and his team with CPTX Renewable Energy, we learned that we could get started with no money down. Plus they included a home automation system.

We are so happy.

Ethan HuntEthan Hunt

I can't recommend CPTX Renewable Energy enough. We had looked at solar before, but the sales person was so pushy that we decided to back out of the deal.

Working with Jeff, he helped us to understand the benefits of solar, the costs, and what the process would be like. The main difference was that Jeff did not push us into making a decision. We appreciate his honesty.

The installation was very smooth and the team from Freedom Forever Solar were extremely professional.

Jimmie BrownJimmie Brown

The team at CPTX Renewable energy did such an amazing job helping us go solar. They helped us to understand solar and how it would work for us. Their installation team was very professional and courteous. One of the coolest parts of the installation is the home automation system from Vivant. It allows us to understand our energy usage and came as an added bonus to our system.

Martin BlankMartin Blank

So happy to be solar now. Thanks to CPTX Renewable Energy for helping us to get set up. We love it. Nice to be sending energy to PEC instead of receiving.

Inigo MontoyaInigo Montoya

We are FREE from the electric company. For most of 2021 we have been having blips in our electric service. Now that we have solar that has gone away. We elected to add Tesla batteries so that we can truly be independent from PEC and sell energy back to them during the day.


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