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Diseased Jokes
Jazrome Coulter

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About the company

In 2016 my kidneys failed and I began dialysis It was the best thing that ever happened to me. It created growth within myself and opened an opportunity to use my gift for comedy to bring light to kidney disease. For 5 years I would sit in a dialysis chair, believing my life would never change an I’d be stuck like this fore I played football my whole life, as a child I believed it was a way out of a tough childhood. I dedicated everything I could into this sport.

But, life and God had another plan for me.  My college football days were coming to an end. I had performance issues and didn’t know why.!! I was having consistent back pain and showing signs of protein in my urine.  I didn’t know what it meant. I  end up giving up football. When my kidneys started to fail, I was struggling with alcoholism, drug issues, and childhood trauma. I was diagnosed with FSGS Or Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis. It took a year for my kidneys to fail, after that I transitioned into dialysis.  I didn’t have the information to help reverse  my kidney function or the support. So now I dedicate my days to writing clean comedy and trying to educate people about kidney disease through my comedy.

As of July 2, 2022 I was blessed with a kidney transplant. It was truly a gift I won’t take lightly. Ever minute of my life will be spent advocating for this cause. I’ll promote healthy lifestyles, building confidence in others and promoting healthy mental health.

I want to show people that no matter the situation we can always find happiness in darkness.  I want to motivate, educate, and give the gift of comedy.  I work with multiple kidney foundations to help spread awareness. My goal is to keep building and reach out to as many kidney foundations as possible. I would like to build a non-profit based on giving back to the non-profits I work with. I’m currently raising money with my team to help build my documentary. I truly believe this will impact and touch peoples lives.  Kidney disease it’s a tough battle, but it’s not unbeatable. If we have the information, motivation, and a strong team. So join me against the fight against kidney disease!!


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