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About the company

We are proud to offer our customers the most efficient solar products in the market. We keep you ahead of the curve with the latest solar technology available.

Why Fusion?

We own the whole process from top to bottom. We design, permit, coordinate with the utility, install and service your system locally. No need to go through a third party.




At Fusion Power, we provide Solar Equipment Sales/Lease installation and Insulation Products for residential customers throughout Arizona.

We keep you ahead of the curve with the latest solar technology available. We are proud to offer our customers the most efficient solar products in the market. From our high-efficiency solar modules to our optimizers and inverters, we ensure that your system will produce exactly what we promise, or your money back!


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Terry IpadTerry Ipad

At the end of Feb, we would like to have the solar panels and batteries installed together but we didn’t know how the system work together. Our consultant Roman explained it well, and found the best deal for us. After signing the contract before the installation day, our account manager Nichole has coordinated with everyone and done everything for us. We didn’t need to do anything, only needed to sign documents online. All processes went smoothly.

On the installation day (mid Apr.)
Team 2 (Miguel, Freddy, Henry and Martin (supervisor)) is the best team. They worked professionally and made a great effort to satisfy our requests. They came and finished work ahead of schedule. Cleaned up the work area, painted the pipes and walls to match original color. There were only good things about them. I would strongly recommend Team 2 to everyone.

After solar and battery systems got installed, Dylan came to setup the electrical sub panel for the backup power system. He explained well and helped us to choose the ones we really needed on the sub panel.

After waiting for a short period of time, at the beginning of May, SRP came to do the inspection/commission, the system was approved and started running. There were a couple of technical problems, and Justin (Supervisor) helped us to solve them right away.

Everything was set and started running well in time, right before the summer begins. We are so glad we have got the system installed. Especially when we are using the electric from the sun / batteries, not from the grid.

We are happy that we found the right company and they have the right people to do the excellent jobs for us. We would recommend Fusion Power to everyone.

Doug DotyDoug Doty

Fusion power is the best solar company in the valley. Almost all of the other companies contract out the installation. Fusion power on the town building has its own people and installs all of its own solar. The installation crew as well as the company is very professional and very knowledgeable and they have some strong energy PhD‘s that help guide and direct their technology. Shane Dixon is the best sales guy they have. He is humble and smart and is working for you. He is not in a hurry to sell something he is trying to show you how you can maximize your experience with Solar. Now is the time to get Solar and now is the time to work with Shane Dixon of fusion power!

Mary HenryMary Henry

We are very pleased with the installation of our solar panels. Installation crews T-5 and T-13 arrived on-time and kept us informed of every step involved in the installation process. They also answered all questions and let us know what to expect in the next steps. I highly recommend Fusion Power when you decide to own your own electricity.

michael rescanmichael rescan

My family has been very impressed with every aspect of this company. Installation crew number 9 installed our panels and they did a wonderful job. The crew showed up right on time and they were able to finish the same day. The crew was very professional and polite. They did a great job of blending the solar panels and accompanying equipment into our home. When the crew finished they made sure to clean up all the debris and our house had no signs that they worked on it. I would highly recommend using this company

Victor RiveraVictor Rivera

My wife and I went ahead and got solar through Fusion Power after having so many solar companies come knocking on my door to do their sales pitch. After a lot of boring sales pitches, i got a text from a fellow that i had previously talked to about solar. Coincidentally, it was during a sales pitch from another solar company at my house. After seeing the dismal savings from a solar company's sales person, i let Raphy from Fusion power go through again with his sales presentation to see if his system was better. After careful consideration, my wife and I went and got solar through Fusion Power because of how thorough Raphy Avakian was with his presentation and how he explained everything to us. Let me tell you that I had though this process was going to take forever because of permits through the city of Mesa and having to go through the process of letting SRP know of the solar addition. Fusion Power took care of everything from talking to the city about the permits, setting up insulation for the house, designing the layout, and installing everything. They started yesterday 6/15 and finished today 6/16! Pretty fast for just signing up on 5/30! All we gotta do is wait for inspection and for SRP to give the go-ahead to switch on. Best part about all of this: no up front cost! Nothing out of pocket! Can't wait to get started generating power! Thinking about solar, talk to Raphy and let him hook you up!


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