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About the company

Take a deep breath…..

We are going to make this super easy for you.
  • Integrity – Our word is the source of our power
  • Contribution – Our work gives back to the communities that make the world more connected & sustainable
  • Education – We believe that empowering each other with knowledge and embracing personal growth is the key to freedom and success.
  • Equality – We are one world and we stand for each other’s greatness.
To transform the world of insurance making it easier to understand and connect with others, creating prosperity and freedom for our clients, their families, and the world.

  • 100% Transparency in all we do
  • Never over/undersell
  • Respond to communications within 48 business hours
  • 1% of gross income goes to charities that support our planet – typically Charity:Water
  • Serve at least 75% local and independent clients/customers
  • Do not lot commission/bonus structures impact our advice
  • Leverage technology to provide the best experience for our clients
  • Continually grow and develop our company and staff
  • Keep an open mind


You put your heart and soul into your business. It makes sense to have business insurance to protect it!

Your kids depend on you for everything. You provide for them now… make sure that continues if the unexpected occurs.

An often misunderstood policy, making sure your home is adequately protected makes all the difference at the time of a claim.

It may seem simple, but auto insurance can be tricky. “Full coverage” often means different things to a client than it does to an insurance company. We make sure you it’s correct.

Standard lease, short term rental, or airbnb, we have the best options to cover landlords. Renters coverage can replace your stuff and make sure you aren’t homeless after a fire, etc.

Travel Insurance
Don’t let that epic vacation turn into an unending burden to your finances if the unfortunate family, medical, or life event changes plans! Click HERE to get started.

The Founder
Corey Kaster, the founder of Insurance Masters NW, has always been into personal development. He is a stand for everyone living a more epic life than they ever imagined. This stand has developed into an integration with the insurance agency to provide a mountain of free resources. He takes things he learns from a variety of sources and distills them to bite-size nuggets to chew on and consider.


Contact Info


Melanie MeinzerMelanie Meinzer

Corey was very helpful in explaining business insurance options to me, and followed up every step of the way. Great customer service!

Stephen GomezStephen Gomez

Corey has been outstanding as my agent. He cares for his clients and you can feel it. Always responsive and making sure I get the best rates.

Kerry CzubaKerry Czuba

Corey is fantastic! He looks for ways to get the best insurance for our budget. He's super attentive and detail oriented; takes time to listen and is responsive. I highly recommend him.

Dax McMillanDax McMillan

I've used Insurance Masters NW for ALL my insurance needs. Everything! Why? Because I've never had a single issue with anything from this company. They are the easiest to work with & the staff is highly attentive to my needs. I recommend their services to everyone I know, & I drop their name whenever I hear people complain about their insurance companies. I literally don't have one complaint in the 11 years I've been working with Corey Kaster & now Insurance Masters NW.

John GriecoJohn Grieco

Stop shopping and do yourself a favor, call Corey! After dealing with two other insurance agencies and getting constant drama, my colleague recommended Corey at Insurance Masters NW. As a professional business owner myself, I know what my clients expect of my service and expertise so my bar is set high for others I choose to do business with. Quite honestly, after my experience with Corey I even walked away with a few tips to up my own game at client care! Hands down, Corey answered all my questions, educated me on all my options for the best value and coverage in WA AND CA, so my needs were definitely outside of the box and he rocked it! He is now my number one referral to my clients for insurance needs. Thanks Corey!

Erin F.Erin F.

Corey was extremely responsive and helpful when my wife was in an auto accident last year. When time came to review our coverage, Corey and Derek worked...

Emily E.Emily E.

Corey is incredibly thorough, thoughtful and professional. On top of that, he is just a really nice and fun person! He is always looking out for his...

Chad M.Chad M.

Corey and his team put forth the time and effort to make sure there clients are prepared for the unforeseen. they ALWAYS have the clients best interests in...


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