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About the company

How can I help you? In many ways I bet! You and I work as a team to get top dollar for your home or to find the needle in the haystack that is perfect for you.

I strive to make one of the most significant transactions in your life easy and as stress free as possible.

My connections in the construction industry and experience with rentals and fix and flips makes working with me a very educational and rewarding experience.

I live up to my tag line “The Agent Who
WORKS For You”. I really do EARN my commission! Above all, I am honest and trustworthy.

Google me and read my reviews! Also licensed in Arizona for that “Snow Bird” property.


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Bob StittBob Stitt

Great buying experience!
I used Jeff Hollman to sell our house in 2015 when we left Colorado and when we decided to move back to Arvada in 2020, there was no doubt who would help us buy our new home. I don't think there is a stronger statement you can make about a realtor than giving them repeat business. Jeff goes above and beyond the call of duty in make the buying or selling of your home a stress free and first class experience. I am confident saying that there is no realtor in Colorado that cares more about their clients than Jeff. He's a true professional!

Adam KrugAdam Krug

Patience of a Saint

Jeff got in touch with me in Spring of 2020 about a year before we started our home buying adventure to give us an idea of what to expect through the process and what he's been seeing in the market. He sent us valuable market analysis and occasionally checked in with us over the phone. The following spring, we were ready to start our search and he has very knowledgeable about areas to look in or avoid, what we could do in homes to update them and what the rough costs might be, and in our first home purchase attempt, leveled with us on the realities of why we should or should not continue forward based on the inspection.

We ultimately backed out and told Jeff we'd go back to saving and try and transition from townhomes to detached homes and look again in winter when there was less competition. He was supportinlve and understanding, and when we finally started looking again, he was responsive to setting up showings and honest when we were looking at homes that were beyond help or hope. When we finally made a successful offer and went through appraisal and inspection, he was clear about what we'd need to do through closing and very helpful in finding additional information for us.

This whole process from first phone call to closing was about 1.5 years and through it all, he was understanding, patient and supportive, as well as always being available for when I had questions, wanted to set up a showing, or take a second look. His knowledge from previous experience in updating homes was also valuable in telling us what we could realistically do in a house to update it, or what couldn't be done and why.

If you decide to choose Jeff as your Realtor, and I highly recommend you do, you will have a strong ally and partner in navigating the housing market in Denver, with lots of connections to increase your success in making offers.

Christophe CappelliChristophe Cappelli

Jeff does not stop learning about anything involving real estate. He stays up-to-date on all the latest trends and prioritizes building relationships with the goal of helping his clients buy and sell houses. Jeff guided me through the home-buying process from out-of-state and continues to provide support after the closing process. He genuinely cares about you and ensuring that you are getting a good value for your house. When you choose Jeff, you can sleep soundly at night. 👍

Gloria SmithGloria Smith

Jeff Hollman was a gift. He helped me realize that we could have a new home after 42 years in our old house. He was there for me through the tears as well as the sunshine. His quiet assurance made me sure that we were doing the right things throughout the sale & purchase.

Natalie HoenigNatalie Hoenig

Jeff is such a great realtor! Is helps clients with so many aspects of purchasing and selling a home, he even performs handyman duties for his clients to get their home looking great! I highly recommend working with him!

Jessica T.Jessica T.

Jeff is an awesome realtor to work with! I've seen him go above and beyond to help clients prepare their home to sell as well as help educate buyers...

Vicki K.Vicki K.

Jeff helped us sell my Mom's House when she moved to a retirement home. It sold quickly and he made it very easy on my mom, sisters and me. He set a fair...


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