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About the company

Kyle Fuller started in life insurance in 2013, but was overcome by the power of Infinite Banking the following year and has been practicing IBC ever since. Kyle was blessed with the heart of a teacher, which prompted him to share his knowledge of Infinite Banking with people who want to harness every dollar for its maximum potential and live with ultimate financial freedom.

One thing that is certain for Kyle is the Infinite Banking Concept is not a career or business, he considers it his calling in life. The word “retirement” is something he does not believe in. This is a process that he will be educating families and business owners about until the day he graduates from this life. He is 30 years younger than the average life insurance agent, which means he will be around to help you implement this process, he will be around to see your children through this process, and he will be around for your grandchildren to start this process. Whether clients are overcoming debt, creating lasting wealth, or simply striving for financial freedom, Kyle helps people make their money work for them.

Businesses, individuals, and families who work with Kyle all learn through accessible and personalized guidance that illustrates how they can channel whole life insurance into the living benefits taught by Nelson Nash under IBC. The uninterrupted true compounding, liquidity, easy access, tax-deferred earnings, and stability that a properly designed whole life insurance policy provides makes it the perfect savings asset to building your foundation.

Kyle grew up In Mesa, AZ. He is passionate about sound principles for money stewardship. His first son had a banking policy at 3 months old, giving him the freedom that comes from never having to rely on a conventional bank for his financing needs and desires. By moving away from the commercial banking world and using specifically designed policies as a source of financing, more and more of the money stays in the family!

Kyle is the top authorized practitioner in Arizona and is ready to give business owners and families the necessary tools to carve out their new financial future today.


Term Life Insurance

  • This is one of the most common life insurance policy types that people associate with insurance. If you are trying to contextualize what term life insurance is like, think of it as renting a home instead of buying one. You will still have the benefit of having protection, but you are not necessarily building up any equity.


  • A term life insurance policy is one that you have for a set period of time until the policy expires. Usually, you can buy term policies that last from 10-30 years. You will receive a price at the beginning of the policy, and this will be the fixed premium that you pay until the policy term ends.

Permanent Life Insurance

  • Also known as whole life insurance, permanent life insurance is an enduring policy that builds wealth for you as you pay into it. This is equivalent to building equity in a home. Within this area of life insurance, there are many types of products. We will cover each of these products below.

Traditional Whole Life Insurance

  • A traditional whole life insurance policy offers you a guaranteed death benefit along with a savings component that helps you build wealth. In a nutshell, you make your policy payment every year, and the company pays you dividends over time that get credited to your cash value. This becomes a type of bank account for you to draw from as you need money. You also get lifetime coverage for this type of policy in a guaranteed contract.


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Tanner RicksTanner Ricks

Kyle and his whole team at Factum have been nothing short of spectacular! I began working with Kyle just under a year ago and his knowledge and education has never failed to impress me. Factum cares about their clients and will do anything to help you reach financial freedom and peace of mind! Couldn't recommend them more.

Shyla BasseyShyla Bassey

Tarisa is the epitome of excellence and professionalism! She has a customer centric approach that allowed me to thoroughly understand the infinite banking concept. She truly is a wealth of knowledge and I learn something impactful during each of our meetings. As someone that worked in banking for over a decade, I can say…I wish that I knew about this sooner!! I’m looking forward to continuing the journey of wealth building and creating a vehicle for my family that can fund small & large purchases for generations to come. Thank you Tarisa & Factum Financial!

Hassan AkinbiyiHassan Akinbiyi

Tarissa S at Factum Financial is highly knowledgeable and resourceful. She is transparent and gives life-changing advice. I highly recommend her services to anyone interested in advancing their financial knowledge and building wealth for generations.

Bruce CarnohanBruce Carnohan

My advisor Tarisa is very service orientated, knowledgable and a good teacher, helping me to learn so many things I didn't know or understand before about how the banking systems typically work. I'm happy to be connected with her and Factum Financial

Tony Reaves IITony Reaves II

Tarisa was excellent. She was very patient and she had a lot of information so I could do my own research. She will change your life. I highly recommend her!!


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