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About the company

There are 4 things that people look for with insurance; product, price, service and knowledge. If your agent isn’t providing all of that, we can. Let us find the company that is best for you. There isn’t a one size fits all company.

With decades of experience selling insurance in Michigan, our staff understands Michigan’s unique laws and how to guide you through the process.

Save yourself time and money!


As an independent insurance agency located in Washington Township Michigan, Michigan Insurance Network Agency will customize an insurance plan to fit your needs.  With over a dozen carriers at our disposal, we have options for all personal insurance and small business needs.   

Your vehicle, house, zip code, age, current coverages, driving record, and other factors all affect your rates.   Finding the right company for you is our goal.  We will present the proposal that is best for you, as we aren’t partial to any of the companies that we represent.

With employees with over 20 years of experience selling insurance in Michigan, we have the expertise to help you protect your family and assets


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