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About the company

Welcome to Houston Financial Solutions, LLC
No need to consult with your tax advisor, we are your tax advisor and much more

At Houston Financial Solutions, LLC our mission is to provide practical and affordable financial solutions to the Houston family and small business owner. We start by assessing your individual financial situation and apply areas of tax, investment, and debt to a strategy that makes sense for all the disciplines involved.


Life Insurance

    • Do you have a growing family? In financial debt? Paying a mortgage? Protect your family with coverage during these specific times of need.
    • Protect your family for the duration of your life. Have peace of mind knowing your family will always be financially protected and leave behind a financial legacy.
  • IUL
    • It’s never too late to start securing your family’s financial future. Plan for retirement and fund your child’s future with a policy that provides numerous living benefits such as cash accumulation, tax free income, and long-term care.
    • Protect your family from the high cost of “final expenses” such as funeral and burial expenses.

Supplemental Insurance

    • Major medical insurance does not make up for the loss of income while you’re away from work receiving medical treatment, recovering and/or taking care of a loved one. Supplemental policies pays you cash to cover indirect expenses and lost work time as a result of major illnesses and accidents.


    • Don’t wait for a dental emergency to look into dental coverage. We offer dental policies that offer coverage for major services up to $5,000. Additional vision and hearing benefits provide all the coverage you need in one policy.


  • Attentive
    • Learn how your business can qualify for additional tax savings and offer employees additional health benefits with no reduction in take-home pay!


  • Group Supplemental Benefits
    • Health benefits are the most desired employee benefits and help increase the rate of employee attraction/retention. Provide your employees with health benefits such as Accidental/Hospital Indemnity/Cancer/Heart Attack/Stroke/Dental/Vision/Hearing today!


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