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About the company

Next Level Credit will work with you to improve your credit score and help you understand how to make better financial decisions.

Next Level Credit  will sit down with you to determine how best to improve your credit score. Whether you just need someone to give you counsel about your credit, or your report is inaccurate and you need to get aspects of it fixed, we’re here for you. That’s why we’re the Nationwide credit enrichment service of choice.


  • Credit Repair
    • Given its importance, you want to make sure your credit reports are as accurate as possible. That’s where Next Level Credit comes in. We’ll take a look at your credit report and examine all of the negative marks: charge-offs, bankruptcies, etc. Then, we’ll determine if any of these negative marks can be removed because the creditors don’t have proof of the problem.
  • Credit Counseling
    • Yes, it’s important to pay your credit off every month. Beyond that, though, it’s good to understand the many intricacies of your financial situation. When should you use credit? What options do you have for eliminating debt? Do you know how to make a budget? Next Level Credit will help you work through these issues.
  • Student Loan Forgiveness
    • If you’re like many people, you just wanted to get a good education. Maybe the job market wasn’t what you were promised, maybe you were just a kid who didn’t understand what they were signing up for. Regardless, Next Level Credit is ready to fight for you and determine which forgiveness, forbearance, and deferment programs you’re eligible for.
  • Medical Collections
    • 79 million Americans have medical debt. It’s one of the biggest types of debt in America, and skyrocketing costs make it hard for people to get the care they need without paying for it years later. At Next Level Credit, we’ll work with you to ensure that medical debt doesn’t ruin your credit score.
  • Business Credit
    • Most businesses need credit. This is essential for your cash flow, since it allows you to buy the goods and pay for the employees you need before you’re able to get customers and make a profit. Next Level Credit will work with you to determine how you can build credit. This is essential in an economy where many small business owners are denied credit.


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