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About the company

Taking control of your financial future can feel overwhelming. And, if you’re like many people, it’s hard to even know where to start. When you consider that financial education isn’t often taught in schools, it’s no wonder so many of us enter adulthood knowing very little about the fundamentals of healthy money management.

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone! For more than 40 years, Primerica’s licensed Representatives have educated families just like yours on simple financial concepts as part of our HOW MONEY WORKS™ concepts.

Our goal is to empower you to make informed financial choices through education and then match you with the right financial solutions that can help you achieve your financial goals.


Primerica is uniquely positioned to understand the needs of our clients because our Representatives come from Main Street, just like the clients we serve. Our Representatives come from all walks of life and from communities and neighborhoods all across North America.

We start with our complimentary Financial Needs Analysis (FNA) to help you better understand where you are now and then offer financial solutions that can help you get on track to a better financial future.



  • Primerica offers cost-effective term life insurance to help you protect your family in the years when they need it most. What is Term Life Insurance?


  • Primerica pioneered the “Buy Term and Invest the Difference” approach, which combines Term Life Insurance with an investment strategy.


  • Through the concept of Debt Stacking, we’ll show you how to systematically reduce debt in a common-sense and targeted order.


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