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About the company

We combine the power of experience and technology to provide you a balanced approach to portfolio management. We implement a diversified and transparent strategy aligned with your financial needs and goals. Our strategy is supported by our internal and proprietary economic and company level research processes. This strategy is supported with partnering with Value Line and Morningstar to help us validate our positioning.

We utilize stocks, stock options, bonds, and cash as our investment vehicles. While we may use Exchange Traded Funds to ensure proper diversification depending on your portfolio size, we invest in actual retail bonds for proper diversification of asset classes (versus investing in “bond funds” which are traded as equities). We calibrate and tailor the positions to each individual based on an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) and your financial plan.

We provide discretionary services, meaning we retain the authority to buy, sell, or hold your portfolio positions. We have no account minimums and can help you open your first investment account. We offer qualified (e.g. IRA, Roth IRA, 401k)and non-qualified accounts (brokerage).


  • Tax Prep
  • Business Services
  • Financial Planning
  • Investment Management
  • Bookkeping
    • Gain the credibility and peace-of-mind you and your business partners deserve. We provide clean, accurate, and easy-to-understand financial statements which are verified and reconciled against actual bank transactions. We have experience and are proficient in accrual and cash accounting methods.
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Need to create an LLC? Can’t find your recent Good Standing filing or Trademark Registration? No more hunting down state departments or the IRS. We complete all your regulatory filings and maintain your documents for easy access and convenience.
  • Income and Sales Taxes
    • The best way to ensure unnecessary costs and taxes are avoided is to have an expert who is familiar with you and your business. Our tax planning is comprehensive and year round. We cover income, sales and payroll tax preparation and e-filing.
  • Payroll
    • Our payroll process is backed by Intuit and packaged within our accounting platform. We provide responsive services for all of your payroll needs including time tracking, pay stubs recordkeeping, tax filings for contractors and employees.
  • Corporate Record Keeping
    • Position your business for the future with corporate structure monitoring. Through our services, we will provide the necessary documents, such as Articles of Incorporation, LLC Operating Agreements, Purchase Orders, Joint Venture Agreements, and Stock Purchase Agreements (to name a few) to support your business and vision.
  • Custom Budgeting and Forecasting
    • The power of planning can save a business from failure. We leverage our accurate accounting services to build you a customized financial budget which integrates key operational considerations. We report on key indicators involving your liquidity, capital, and profitability in various scenarios.
  • Cash Management
    • Our cash management controls directly integrate with our controller function to ensure we know where every dollar is being allocated. This is important to build confidence in a financial model as well as between partners and third party stakeholders. Also, identify operating cash needs to ensure ample liquidity while supporting earnings objectives.
  • Debt Cost Controls
    • CAUTION! There are many predatory lenders out there! We leverage your financial strength and performance as well as your vision to ensure you are receiving the lowest cost of debt possible and on reasonable terms. We are here to help you navigate and secure the funding you need.
  • Capital Planning
    • Just when cash and debt challenges are not enough, capital comes in the picture. Capital injections and formations vary on complexity. Capital funding is vital for financial risk bearing ability and growth initiatives. Identify optimal capital levels and targets for various business environments and scenarios.
  • Qualified Retirement Plans
    • Defined Contribution or defined pension plans right for you? We have methods to align your goals to the plan(s) that is(are) right for you and your company. Qualified plans allow for massive tax savings and provide retention incentives for employees and key managers.
Corporate Governance
  • Strategic Planning
    • Set your business vision into motion with comprehensive planning considering your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Our approach encompasses all major business functions and considerations such as your financial condition, obligations, target markets, human resources, technology, budget, and human resources.
  • Board/Owner Policies
    • Formally establish expectations from the top incorporating industry best practice and regulatory criteria. Strong governance practices should begin when companies are small and grow with operations. As the company grows, policies allow effective oversight of key Business Units. These important set of expectations establish the culture at your organization beginning with the administration of a Standards of Conduct program grounded with a strong Code of Ethics to ensure your brand is represented with quality and integrity.
  • Management Procedures
    • Procedures are more fluid in nature and are generally authored by managers of identifiable Business Units. Procedures allow continuity of operations and consistent processes to allow for a consistent customer experience.
  • Internal Controls
    • Establish a culture of integrity, consistency, and efficiency. Internal controls allow owners and other stakeholders of a growing business the peace-of-mind that resources are safe guarded against fraud, waste, and abuse.
  • Employee Training
    • New employee onboarding as well as ongoing training allows for the adaptability needed to survive in the current environment. Just-in-time training method is cost effective and quickly aligns staff focus with management direction.
  • Human Resources
    • Set the stage for growth and new opportunities. There is only 24-hours in a day so don’t forget to plan for the help you need. Most small business don’t fail due to starvation, rather, indigestion! We help you prepare and budget for new hires including documentation of organizational charts, job descriptions, and benefit programs.
  • Risk Management
    • Risks come in all shapes and sizes from expected and unexpected sources. Our trained experts will assist in developing a program to identify and proactively manage these risks through risk avoidance, transfer, and reduction techniques.
  • Reporting
    • Last but not least, our work will be regularly reported to you, partners, shareholders and management, as you see fit. Our reports include regular and ad-hock items including a dash board to ensure our projects are timely completed. Regular items will correspond to the scope of our engagement as well as a risk assessment considering your industry. The reporting can be a combination of internally or externally facing documents depending on your corporate structure and preferences.
Audit & Review Program
  • Risk Universe
    • Document a running and comprehensive map of the risks that could impact your company, industry, or local economy.
  • Risk Assessment
    • As a key input to the audit planning process, we will lead an evaluation of your Risk Universe and estimate the likelihood and impacts of potential risks on your enterprise.
  • Audit Plan
    • Annual audit plans provide a framework and approach to address, limit, and control identified risks. The plan is tailored to the size and complexity of your company or institution.
  • Requests for Proposals
    • We provide assistance in establishing proposed outside auditor review scopes including budget setting. This is a collaborative process to ensure your company retains sufficient coverage to address the risks that keep you up at night including audit review areas required by laws and regulation.
  • Corrective Action Follow Up
    • Establish a proactive monitoring process to ensure identified weaknesses are successfully corrected. Additionally, we will follow up on our prior report findings and conclusions to verify corrective actions were taken and were effective.
Marketing and Growth
  • Branding
    • We work closely with business owners to establish a brand that relates to their target market and mission. The branding should provide a distinguishable and lasting impression on the audience to encourage Word of Mouth interactions and communicate quality standards and general reputability.
  • Web Design
    • Your messaging on your website should be a quick way for your market to identify – • What does this organization do? • Can this company or community help me? • Do I belong with this company’s community? The web design is your signpost and should be consistent with branding across all other customer facing materials.
  • Pipeline Development
    • Focus resources on establishing an organized system to educate your target market of the service or product that you offer. The service or product is positioned to “solve the problem”, “enhance the system”, or “replace an obsolete” to demonstrate the value exchange to the market. We develop objective marketing campaigns to track its customer impression and acquisition effectiveness.
  • Social Media
    • Our social media administration is a critical component of our comprehensive marketing approach. We use social media to develop your brand’s presence and connect your community. With our unified approach, you will have a core way of communicating with your target audience in a regular and meaningful way.
  • SEO and PPC
    • We monitor and position your brand to develop and build your Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click cost effectiveness. We manage PPC campaigns as part of our comprehensive and unified marketing approach. Advertising budgets can vary from $500 per month to multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars per month. We measure campaign effectiveness objectively with website traffic data and calibrate the campaign to boost acquisition rates.
  • Community Outreach
    • Build goodwill in your community with the help of our public relations experts. Establish outreach programs that make a positive impact and spread the core principles of your company’s mission.


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