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About the company

We believe in a sustainable future where everyone can access the power they need, whenever they need it. That future starts today. We offer power that is reliable, for when the electricity grid isn’t. Rechargeable, for when uncertain days become nights. Affordable, so it’s accessible to more families. We give people the power to control their home’s energy, while reducing their impact on the planet. We help families prepare for whatever tomorrow brings by making sure that homes are safe havens in a storm.


Generate your own solar energy.
Become less reliant on the utilities.

Solar Plans and Services

Find the best home solar plan within your budget today. You can go solar and save for little to $0 down with Sunrun.

Brightbox Battery Storage

Brightbox™ Battery makes storing and managing clean affordable solar energy simple and easy.

Solar Panels

Solar power is yours for the making. Sunrun creates home solar panel systems that optimize for efficiency, durability, service, and value.



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Phoebe G.Phoebe G.

We are SO happy with our experience with the Arvada Sunrun team! I met Nate Sullivan, our Sunrun rep, at an event where Sunrun had a booth. He talked my...

Aaron G.Aaron G.

Absolutely terrible experience. Details below, but in short, this company is a total mess, their support and service is a total joke, there is no...

L.R F.L.R F.

We purchased a home end of 2021 that came with a Sunrun leased solar panel system that has not worked properly and was not installed to national electrical...


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