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The Luxury Look

4343 N Scottsdale Rd Suite #152, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

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About the company

Kristine Vowles is the founder and creative designer of the award-winning company – The Luxury Look design and home staging firm. She established her firm in 2013, when she decided to return to her creative side, where she has truly made her mark and impacted the luxury real estate market on a global scale.

Her extensive background in real estate has garnered awards from production, customer service, marketing and for her many leadership roles in operating and owning a luxury real estate brokerage that was highly profitable and awarded in every category, as well as being one of the top brokerages in the country.

She has taken her drive to succeed and shifted her focus in advancing her craft. Kristine believes that space should be experienced from the moment you walk in. Every project is designed with intention and her ability to listen to her clients and take their vision and put it into action has become her trademark behind her work at The Luxury Look.

Kristine, still to this day, gives back and serves in the real estate, design and home staging industries and has won multiple awards for her service and dedication to these industries that she has focused her career for over 35+ years.



  • We offer full service interior design services. Whether you are seeking to design a new build, remodel, or a minor refresh for your residence or professional spaces, our team can assist in bringing your vision to life!



  • We make sure everything is coordinated to mirror the experience the guests are expecting.



  • We are an award-winning Home Staging company in both Vacant and Occupied homes. We pride ourselves in transforming spaces.



  • As your interior stylist we can assist in revamping your space without any structural modifications.



  • Turning empty commercial spaces into environments where potential customers, prospective buyers, or renters can imagine themselves flourishing in.



  • Did you know that your space is a direct reflection of your brand? What does your space say about you?


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