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About the company

At Genealogy Detective we dig around your family tree building branches between past, present and future generations. We provide guidance for those researching ancestors on their own or are in need of someone to do the research for them.

In The Footsteps Of Your Ancestors will customise personal heritage tours for you and your family so you can experience history coming alive when you visit the places your ancestors came from.

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Our Genealogist, Helen Brahms has over 30 years experience researching genealogy records and helping others to start their family tree research or do the research for them. Her personal tree has over 7,600 people. Helen has become an expert in finding the thread in the haystack of needles.

Born and raised in New Zealand, Helen’s journey into Genealogy began in her teen years when her paternal grandfather researched his father’s side of the family. A few years later, her mother took over the research and expanded it to include both her parents ancestral lines along with her husband’s family. Helen loved joining her mother with researching the family tree and learning more about where she came from. It didn’t take long for her curiosity to turn into a passion. A few years later Helen, took over the research of her family tree and continued the research and added her husband’s family to her research adding to the records her Mother-In-Law had already spent years collecting. Very soon she was helping others with their research or doing the research for them.

It can be long slow process but with patience and persistence your family tree will grow. We provide guidance to start your tree, ways around stumbling blocks and for those who are interested but don’t have the time, we can do the research for you.


  • Genealogy Blueprint

After a 30-minute complimentary call we will plan out a research map based on information your provide.

The Genealogy Blueprint is a 5-hours of research to include vital information (birth, death, marriage).

We will provide a written report with a plan for you to complete a more in-depth research yourself or you can purchase one of our Family Connection Packages.

  • Document Package

We will source and obtain copies of original Birth, Death, and Marriage Certificates where available.

The package covers 4-5 documents based on pricing and shipping by the vendor. Obtaining copies can take 12-16 weeks depending on where they are coming from. (May take longer due to COVID-19)

    • 10-hours Research
      • Deeper research into the lives of your ancestors. We will provide you with a written report and supporting documents*.
    • 20-hours Research
      • Deeper research into the lives of your ancestors. We will provide you with a written report and supporting documents*.

We have a monthly subscription service to give you research tips & tricks and terminology. Based on your subscription level (5 options available) we also include group zoom Q&A sessions, 1:1 coaching and many other tools. When you sign up for a subscription service we will send you a copy of “50 Questions to Ask Relatives about Your Family History”


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