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Becoming a real estate agent is easy… 

And yet, being a real estate agent is one of the hardest jobs out there. 

What’s more, new agents are actively recruited, which saturates the market with way, way more agents than necessary.

Becoming a real estate agent is easy… And yet, being a real estate agent is one of the hardest jobs out there. What’s more, new agents are actively recruited, which saturates the market with way, way more agents than necessary.

That’s why…

Top 20% Real Estate Income Earners
Don’t Leave Things to Chance

They have high performance referral systems in place to….

  • Attract regular listing opportunities for sellers with high interest properties,
  • Generate multiple steady stream avenues of motivated referrals ready to buy or sell, and a qualification system to save time & avoid garbage leads,
  • Formalize Referral Partnerships which allow you to say “goodbye” to stalking open house attendees who refuse to sign in or use fake names,
  • Get in front of the right faces so you are always top of mind, and can close the best deals hand-over-fist (instead of hustling garbage leads or FSBOs)…

What If You Were Featured as the #1 Recommended Real Estate Agent for the Communities You Serve?​

How Does It Work? Follow These 4 Easy Steps…


Apply and get approved as a Certified Mortgage Expert in your market.


Your Certified Pro Profile gets created for you by our HOA.com experts.


Promotion is easy — We work with you to maximize your exposure as the Certified Mortgage Expert in the communities you serve.


HOA.com helps you activate your network and create new referral partnerships so you receive even more referrals from pros who serve homeowners every day.

“Optimized for local professionals ready to grow their businesses through cleverly executed referral partnerships in your local market.” 

Finally! A Referral Network Primed To Get You In Front of the Right People​

  • Referral network activation campaign draws out even more raving referrals from your Referral Partner loan officers, financial planners, and home service pros.
  • White Glove Referral Concierge service helps other 4 and 5-star rated trusted professionals connect their clients directly to you.
  • Professional profile on HOA.com to gets you found on search engines like Google, Bing, Duck Duck Go, Yahoo, and more. That means you get more clicks, more visibility, and even more closed loans… Faster.
  • Certified Pro Badge gives you even more trust, authority, credibility, and proof to your marketing.
  • Turn-key Community Impact campaigns help show your clients and customers the positive difference you make in your community.
  • Free attendance at Alliance Meetings & Networking Events – Never run out of opportunity to expand your referral partnerships so your pipeline is always full
Don’t file this away to think over.

Act now to become one of the lucky few Loan Officers to corner this Referral Network in your area.

The only question left is: Where would you like to receive your referrals?
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Meet Brandon Barnum

Hi, I’m Brandon Barnum, CEO of Home Owner Alliance at HOA.com and author of the bestselling book Raving Referrals. 

As a Real Estate Agent, you’re always looking for ways to add value to referral partners like loan officers, financial advisors, accountants, and insurance agents. 

That’s what I did during my 12 years in the mortgage business and it helped me close over $500 million in personal loan volume. When it comes to building referral partnerships, that is our specialty.

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