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Sabina Sayegh is a sought-after realtor at Coldwell Banker Realty, serving clients in Los Angeles County. As a trusted Certified Probate Realtor, her focus is to educate her clients to navigate through the Probate timelines to avoid the pitfalls. Being a part of her client’s success in equity building and reinvesting is very meaningful to Sabina. Establishing peace of mind for her clients while creating a profitable and enjoyable real estate experience, is why her clients appreciate working with her to secure a better future. Sabina has been the Real Estate Matchmaker for many years. Her clients will tell you she is their Trusted Real Estate Source and recommend her to anyone who wants to create a better life by owning Los Angeles Real Estate. She credits her success to dedication, staying in touch & listening for solutions. Sabina is always networking with like minded professionals and connecting with corporate and celebrity clients, who all describe her as being thorough, knowledgeable, honest, tenacious, friendly, supportive and caring. She enjoys all aspects of Residential & Residential Income with a focus in understanding and solving the concerns of time, money & certainty. All the while, committed to providing a balanced and peaceful move based on truth & facts and data which results in substantial savings for her clients. I couldn’t have found a better business partner for my real estate journey, then Sabina. For the last 10 years, I’ve taken great confidence in her capabilities, experience, and her ability to assess situations that inform making key real estate decisions. She is broadly networked with other professionals for inspections and knowledge and quickly leverages them as needed as the deal progresses. She is thoughtful, diligent, smart, professional, and leads with kindness and care. She has earned my trust. I am thrilled to have worked with her transacting two purchases, one sale, and one lease” Patty T.

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