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Becky Shook-Wotzka

Lifestyle Coach, Becky Shook-Wotzka Access your best life by being connected to value-added services that enhance your personal and professional life.  I am Becky Shook-Wotzka, and I connect you to services that you might not know even exist.  Take a look at these questions and ask yourself what are the top 2 or 3 biggest […]

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Seed Money Consulting Background

Seed Money Consulting

We combine the power of experience and technology to provide you a balanced approach to portfolio management. We implement a diversified and transparent strategy aligned with your financial needs and goals. Our strategy is supported by our internal and proprietary economic and company level research processes. This strategy is supported with partnering with Value Line and Morningstar to help […]

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My Biz Coaches

Eric Whitmoyer is a highly accomplished “no-nonsense” executive, life-coach, public speaker, author, and business consultant. He is an entrepreneur and executive leader that leverages his skills, experience, and finely-honed business acumen to vault companies to peak success. Among his many achievements, Eric is recognized as an Advanced Certified Trainer in the “Success Principles” material and […]

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