What the Paint Color of Your Phoenix Home Says About You

When thinking about painting your home, you might be tempted to go with the paint color closest at hand. However, painting your entire house can either speak volumes about your personality or completely contradict it – depending on the color you choose!

If You Have Lime Green Walls…

Have you ever wanted to express your individuality? Maybe you feel like painting your walls lime green is a great way to do this without sacrificing all sense of style. This vibrant color makes itself known in any space – no doubt someone will notice if you have this hue on display. If painting yourself into a corner isn’t what you want, painting this color in one room can still speak volumes about your personality.

If You Have Eggshell White Walls…

You are the definition of classic – painting your Phoenix home eggshell white is a timeless, reliable way to keep the integrity of the space intact without overbearing it with too much character. The faintest hint of color goes a long way in painting walls this tint, so you blend into the background during the day but then become incredibly noticeable at night when that subtlety subsides.

If You Have Black or Red Walls…

So, you enjoy being fabulously fashionable? Painting one wall black and another red in your Phoenix home screams drama and excitement! This high level of style works well in rooms where there will be lots of activity. Bright colors like black and red demand attention, so painting these hues on one wall will make sure everyone sees it – but you need to ensure the rest of your décor goes with this aesthetic.

If You Have Wedgewood Blue Walls…

Do you appreciate sophistication? Painting one room in your Phoenix home Wedgewood blue is all about understated class. This color gives off a sense of calm that can be inviting to guests, especially when used as an accent piece for linens or accessories (and its vibrancy works well against white walls). If you want to give the impression of being grounded and classy, painting your walls Wedgewood blue is a great way to go.

If You Have Sage Green Walls…

Are you environmentally conscious but love having company over? Painting your Phoenix home sage green is an excellent way to accommodate both of these aspects! This color promotes wellness and mental clarity, painting a room in this tint gives off a sense that nature reigns supreme – even if that’s not quite the case.

You value simplicity and aren’t afraid of being basic – painting your Phoenix home white is a quick way to make any space feel fresh. For those who prefer neutral colors, painting interior walls this shade allows them an easy base on which they can build their décor style. This color works well with almost any color, so it’s easy for homeowners who don’t have tons of time or money but still want a professionally styled home.

If You Have Blue Walls…

Do you want to feel calm and peaceful in your Phoenix home? Painting one room in your residence with a blue hue can evoke those exact feelings without painting everything that color! The softness of the shade will do wonders for the atmosphere, painting one wall this tint is enough to make it stand out without making it overwhelming – and because there are lots of shades of blue, homeowners don’t need to spend much time figuring out which paint goes with their style.

If You Have Gray Walls…

Do you prefer feeling cool and collected? Painting your Phoenix home gray is a safe bet when it comes to painting walls without taking too many risks – but because there are so many varieties of gray, be sure to experiment with them to learn which one best fits your style. Gray paint works well when mixed with even more neutral colors like white and beige, painting one wall this color gives off an air of sophistication without painting the whole house.

Are you low maintenance but still want to maintain a sense of class and style? Painting your Phoenix home beige is a great choice for those who want to paint their room but don’t want to take too many risks. This color works well with lots of different designs, painting one wall this shade gives off a sense of being simple and sophisticated at the same time without painting the whole house.

You value tradition and staying true to your roots – painting your Phoenix home eggshell white or a similar neutral tone keeps everything intact without overwhelming it with too much character. Neutral colors like these let homeowners incorporate pieces they love into their décor while also being able to easily swap them out without painting the whole house again, painting one wall this hue reminds you that subtlety goes a long way in painting walls!

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