Advertising specs & Guidelines follows the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) standards for display ads and rich media ads.

Acceptable Digital Static Ad Formats

File type: either JPEGs or GIFs

File weight: up to 80k maximum at 72 dpi

Hyperlink to single absolute URL must be provided

Acceptable Digital Animated Ad Formats

Animated GIFs: both e-Newsletters and Websites
File weight: up to 100k maximum

Hyperlink to single absolute URL must be provided

Animation: up to 10 seconds. Can include multiple loops up to a total of 30 seconds (e.g., 10 seconds of animation x three loops).

Note: Some email platforms do not support animation and instead display only an ad’s first frame. Please ensure your first frame contains sufficient information to convey your ad’s main message.

Leaderboard, Medium Rectangle and Half Page ads on Websites only

Initial file weight: up to 75k maximum
Total file weight: up to 200k

A supplied .zip file must include all referenced code such as Javascript libraries. Once the .zip file is uncompressed, the ad (an .html file) must be viewable without a network connection (all code and assets used in the ad is contained in the .zip file)

Flash files not accepted

Native Ads Specs 
• Newsletter headline (max 80 characters including spaces)

• Newsletter deck (max 300 characters including spaces)

• Client’s logo for the website

• Native ad story for the website in MS Word format

• Up to 3 images (captions optional) in JPG format. Maximum file size: 300k, any pixel size, 72 dpi

• One of the above images or another one sized at a 16:9 ratio, such as 800 x 450. (72 dpi, maximum file size, 300k)

• 300 x 250 medium rectangle ad for the website with linking URL

Weekly News Flash

  • One medium rectangle ad (300 pixels wide x 250 pixels high) File type: jpeg or gif
  • Two sponsored content ads.

Each sponsored content ad features
  • One picture (800pixels wide x 450 pixels high) File type: jpeg or gif
  • One headline + 400 characters/ with spaces
  • Please provide a linking URL for each content


Contextual ads target a key audience messaging alongside relative associated content:

Image – 200 px x 100 px
Headline (maximum of 30 characters including spaces)
Text – up to 150 characters of text, which includes spaces
CTA – A few words for call to action 5 Keywords
5-10 Keywords to target

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