2022 HOA.com
community impact
virtual & in-person

Be a local leader in your community by partnering with HOA.com for upcoming local events!

2022 HOA.com
community impact
virtual & in-person

Be a local leader in your community by partnering with HOA.com for upcoming local events!

2022 hoa.com Community Impact

Be a local leader in your community by partnering with HOA.com for upcoming local events!

Community Garage Sale
September, 2022

We’ve almost made it all the way through the summer, and it’s time for some fall cleaning. Community Garage Sale anyone?

You’ve Been Booed
October, 2022

Secretly place “We’ve Been Booed” signs on along with a sweet treat or goodie to a neighbor, friend or family member.

Turkey Drive
November, 2022

Each year our Local Community Leaders come together to deliver turkeys to families who are unable to afford them.

Sponsor a Family
December, 2022

Get involved and sponsor a family this holiday season by helping them put presents under the tree for their children.

upcoming HOA.com community impact events

August, 2022

Community Impact Event:
Back to School

Date: August, 2022
Details: #backtoschool2022 is just around the corner, and for some it has already started!

HOA.com is leading our communities to help provide school supplies for children who are in need.

September, 2022

Community Impact:
Labor Day

Date: 9/5/2022
Details: Observed the first Monday in September, Labor Day is an annual celebration of the social and economic achievements of American workers.

Action: Tell us on social media “How do you make a difference in the lives of others through our work?” and tag us.

Virtual Impact:
National Read a Book Day

Date: 9/6/2022
Details: National Read a Book Day is observed annually on September 6th. On August 9th, we all celebrated National Book Lovers Day. We’re selecting the #1 Amazon Best Seller “Raving Referrals” book written by HOA.com CEO Brandon Barnum.

Action: Clean out your home or office bookshelves and compile a stack of books you know others would enjoy reading. Consider donating the books to your local library, school or favorite charity. Or, pass one of your favorite reads to a friend! Happy reading!

October, 2022

Community Impact:
We’ve Been Booed

Date: The Month of October
Details: Print three of the “We’ve Been Booed”
signs and secretly deliver your “We’ve Been Booed” signs along with a sweet treat or goodie to a neighbor, friend or family member. Then, watch the joy spread through your neighborhood as people start posting their ‘We’ve Been Booed’ signs from house to house.

Virtual Impact:
National Make a Difference Day

Date: 10/24/2022
Details: Make a Difference Day is celebrated annually on the fourth Saturday of October, on October 24 this year. If you have ever wondered if your actions can make a difference, the answer is yes.

Action: How can you make a difference today? Send out video texts to your network to let them know you’re thinking of them, or better yet, a handwritten note! Donate to your favorite charity. Buy a complete stranger’s coffee or lunch behind you. Smile at every person you see walking past you. Smiles and hellos make a huge impact and it’s contagious. The ways to make a difference are endless! Try it. You’ll turn National Make a Difference Day into a daily habit! 

November, 2022

Community Impact: 
Veterans Day Parade (Phoenix)

Date: November 11
Details: Show your support for our Veterans and volunteer at this year’s Veteran’s Day Parade in Downtown Phoenix.


Community Impact: Share Thanks

Date: November 

Details: The season of gratitude is upon us and there are several ways you can show your thanks! At HOA.com, we believe in making a big impact in our community and often, it starts with one small gesture from you.

Action: Share a photo spreading love and thanks by Monday, November 28th on the HOA.com Facebook Page and you’ll be entered in to win a prize from HOA.com along with a donation to your favorite charity from us!

Community Impact: 
Turkey & Canned Food Drive

Date: November 17-23
Details: Each year our Local Community Leaders come together to gather turkeys and canned goods to those who are less fortunate. Bring your canned goods to the HOA.com event near you to donate. 

December, 2022

Community Impact:
Local Toys for Tots

Date: December 10-24
Details: Get involved and grab a small gift from the store and bring it to the HOA.com event near you to donate for those children who are looking forward to a present under the tree this year. 

Completed Events

MLK – I Have a Dream
January, 2022

HOA.com partners with charities who serve children asking them to create videos of their kids that we can share with others.

Share Love – Spread Love
February, 2022

In light of the most romantic month of the year, Valentines Day – HOA.com shares love and spreads love within local communities.

International Women’s Day
March, 2022

It’s time to celebrate women of all types around the world. If you have amazing women in your life, share on HOA.com social.

The Great Egg Hunt
April, 2022

Our Local Leaders will be hosting Great Egg Hunt Events all over the United States for children to search for eggs. It sure was an amazing time!

Mothers Day
May, 2022

It’s time to celebrate all of the moms out there! Log onto HOA.com Facebook and share about your favorite mothers in your life.

Fathers Day
June, 2022

Let’s not forget about all the great fathers out there. Log onto HOA.com social media channels to share how great your fathers are.

4th of July Fireworks
July, 2022

Let’s do a Virtual Salute to the hero’s who have sacrificed so much for all of the freedoms we enjoy each and every day in America. 

Back to School
August, 2022

Team up with members of your community and help out those less fortunate who are unable to afford school supplies.

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