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As a Real Estate Agent, you know referrals drive your income. That’s why it’s critical you have at least 10 referral partners sending you new client referrals each and every month. 

The Real Estate Agent Expert Program has been designed by top producing Agents to help you attract a steady stream of home buyers and home sellers for you to do business with.

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By joining the Real Estate Expert Agents Program, you'll be able to claim 10 communities! It's like digital community farming!



Sponsor 10 professionals that serve homeowners who will receive a basic profile for free and be featured alongside you in your licensed communities.  This gives you a great gift to give to current or future referral partners.  Everyone knows Givers Gain so the more you have to give, the more relationship equity you can gain.  Plus, this helps you enroll your Referral Partners in ongoing co-marketing campaigns to your farm areas so you both stay top of mind with all the homeowners in your licensed HOA communities.

Everything starts with activating your referral network using our proven Raving Referrals campaigns.  We give you a turn-key referral system you can use for yourself and also empower your referral partners with so they understand the power of partnerships and why they should be building their business in partnership with you, their trusted Expert Agent.  The Raving Referrals course is just under 4 hours and is created as a series of 100 short 1-4 minute video lessons.  That makes it easy for even the highest action person with the shortest attention span to learn quickly and take instant action.

Every first and third Wednesday at Noon Pacific, you’ll be invited to join us for live training and accountability calls where you will learn the latest and greatest strategies, tips and scripts to grow your business.  Led by mortgage master Todd Bookspan, these calls help you utilize your Win By Noon system and planner to the fullest so you get the most important things done each day by Noon and can spend your afternoon investing time in your key referral partnerships.

The Win By Noon Planner will be provided for the first full calendar year after which subsequent planners can be purchased individually at

We teach you our proven process for launching your own Business Alliance group. It’s like having your own BNI group except you are the center of influence and control who gets invited and approved.  Each month, we give you a new Alliance Agenda to run your meeting complete with compelling questions to ask your referral partners, so it is less commercials and more of a mastermind with your referral partners.  It’s your group so no one can tell you what to do or what to say.  Talk about the best of all worlds.  

Establish your expert authority by adding your Expert Real Estate Agent Badge and profile link to your website, social sites, newsletters, brochures, business cards and other marketing materials.  

Each month, we will give you access to turn-key Community Impact events and campaigns to boost your credibility, visibility, and authority with homeowners in your communities.  These social sharable campaigns will keep you top of mind and help you win heart share at the same time.

Add value to your current and past clients with your own co-branded concierge portal. This will help the families you serve hire their next Pro or coordinate their next move.  Best of all, you will be featured prominently so they know this is another benefit of choosing you as their Trusted Expert Agent.

After you’ve selected your first ten communities, your business information will be showcased front and center on these pages where homeowners can find the right Real Estate Agent for their upcoming home purchase. 

We feel like this should have been listed as one of the primary benefits, but there is just so much to love here. With each home sold, the agent will be able to hand off the homeowner to the Move-In Concierge team that will work directly with the home buyer to help transfer all of the homeowners’ subscriptions. This means, utility companies, TV and internet providers, securing the moving truck rental in preparation for moving day, updating their mailing address with the post office, updating magazine subscriptions, registering kids for their new schools, and much more!

The Marketing team has developed a Digital Business Snapshot Report that shows how your business, and your agents are being seen by search engines like Google. The report takes a deep dive by searching thousands of online resources to return where the areas of improvement are for your company, your preferred agents, and how they’re being found (or not found) when consumers search online. 11 Digital Business Snapshot Reports are available per each 10 communities purchased. One for you and one for each of your referral partners!

View an example Digital Business Snapshot Report here.

After all these premier built-in products, you and your team will also receive premier 1-on-1 onboarding to set you up for complete and total success. We have hundreds of hours of video trainings, tips, and tricks, as well as 24-hour support through

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