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It’s natural to have questions, and wants to make sure you have everything you NEED to SUCCEED. These are the answers to the top questions we get, but if you need anything at all you can always call our Pro Success Team at (602)-838-4167 

Mortgage Expert FAQ's

What if I sponsor someone and they don’t hold up their end? Do I just lose a Community that I’ve selected? Am I stuck with that Realtor even if they aren’t providing me leads?

Although we are sure that the Agents you select as Referral Partners will bring you clients and business, sometimes you will find that certain partnerships are not the best fit. That’s totally ok! As the Mortgage Expert in our program, you will have full control of who your Agent Partners are. If you aren’t clicking with someone or they aren’t holding up their end of your partnership, the team is more than willing to address it with them, and if necessary removing them from your communities. We are here to support you, and you are in the drivers seat. We want you to be working with people that have the same drive and passion that you do, and can represent your brand in the communities. You will never lose a community just because a Referral Partner no longer wants to participate, those communities belong to you, not the agent.

Can I license more than 10 communities?

Yes, we have larger packages for people who lead teams where you get a 25% discount on additional communities.

I have referral partners and am licensed in multiple states. Is it possible to have 5 Communities in NY, 2 in CO, 1 in FL and 2 in TX?

We have lots of clients that are licensed in multiple territories. Our number one recommendation is to focus on the agents you want to work with, and collaborate with them to find your ideal Community locations. We would also be happy to get you additional communities after you have your first 10 selected.

Do I have to have a different Referral Partner Agent for each of my communities? Am I able to have one agent cover multiple Communities?

It’s your membership, and your claimed community, so you are absolutely allowed to have the same agent listed in multiple communities. We recommend that you have more referral partners, so you can get more referrals, but every LO is different and has different needs. During your onboarding we will work with you to look at all of your options, and find the best solution for the needs of your business.

How will you promote me to homeowners within the communities?
  1. HomeSafe Report with Monthly Valuation Reports
  2. Lifetime Client Campaigns
  3. Community News Email & Direct Mail Campaigns
  4. VIP Concierge Service
  5. Safe Kids Now Neighborhood Watch Program
  6. Community Impact Events & Campaigns
  7. Neighborhood Deals & Discounts
  8. Referral Rewards & Rebates Program
What differentiates the WinByNoon with Raving Referrals coaching courses from all of the other courses out there offered to me?

Our mortgage coaching program is taught by mortgage experts with over 30 years combined experience and over $1.5 Billion in closed loans. Not only is ours a top-notch coaching program, where we provide step-by-step processes on how to build your own networking alliance to help grow your business, but we also offer the digital real estate necessary for you to maintain the number one mortgage solution in your claimed communities.

I’ve only lived in my Community for a few years, will it be harder for me to utilize this program?

While we do recommend that you live in one of the communities that you are claiming, as it will make it easier to connect with the homeowners and potential home buyers, it is not required. One of the benefits of claiming communities is that you are able to start connecting with clients in areas that you otherwise may not have success in. This is a great tool to solidify partnerships in areas you already work in, as well as establishing new relationships in areas you may not be getting business in.

What happens at the end of the program? Can I still be the Mortgage Expert in the communities I license?

Yes, we give you first right of renewal so as long as your membership is in good standing, you can be the exclusive Mortgage Experts for these communities for years to come.

If one of my Communites is under performing during my membership, will I be able to change to a new Community?

Yes, of course. So long as there is an unlicensed community available.

Are you sure that this is RESPA compliant?

Our Mortgage Expert program allows you the opportunity to nominate and sponsor real estate agents and other home service pros as Community Connectors in our local neighborhoods.  This is not a paid position and cannot be purchased by anyone therefore it has no commercial value associated with it. The program allows professionals who serve homeowners to be listed as the dedicated Community Connector providing education and service to the local neighborhood they are approved for. provides our Community Connectors monthly Community Impact campaigns and events they can quickly and easily share with the homeowners living in their community to educate, inspire and empower them to live better lives and create better neighborhoods for everyone in their community.

What is included with the VIP Concierge, who pays for it and how much does it cost?

There is no cost to you, it is free with your membership. The services include Water, Power, Moving Companies, Home Inspectors, Painters, Plumbers, Cable Providers, Internet Providers and any other service that the Homebuyer may need. There will be a dedicated portal as well as a dedicated team member to assist with anything that your client needs.

Do you post on the community site on our behalf or are we to do that?

Both. We will create the community pages and post content that promotes you as well as your Sponsored Realtors. However you will also be able to post and share content using that platform as well. We recommend that you are as involved with your communities as possible, but we’ll help you along the way. 



I don’t have many Realtors I work with. Will you help me learn how to do that better?

 Absolutely.  We give you scripts and videos you can watch to see and hear Todd Bookspan calling Realtors so you understand best practices to help you win Realtor’s business.  We also have group coaching calls twice per month so you are constantly learning how best to connect with agents and win their referrals.

How does the 10X ROI guarantee work? Do you keep track of that or do I?

We are certain that this program works if you follow the blueprint that we’ve created for you and your referral partners, so we’re putting our money where our mouth is! If you don’t make at least $39,970 by following the steps of our program, we will work with you and your referral partners until you do. It’s that simple.. According to the national average, that will be about 10 deals. So let’s get started!

How do I sponsor Pros into the program?

The first step in the process is for us to receive their license number, business logo, headshot and a short bio, as well as the community you would like them to represent you in. The easiest way to start is to go to, it’s a simple form that will give us everything we need to build out their profile, and schedule their onboarding.

I live in a rural town of 2000 people, in a community that is very spread out and only has 8000 residents. How can I utilize the platform given that I don't have many options for Communities near me?

We have a dedicated team that works with you throughout the onboarding process to ensure that you’re getting in front of new clients. Communities can be selected based on neighborhood, HOAs or in some cases zipcodes for more rural areas. We have many clients in smaller states that had the same concern and we were able to make sure they had an excellent strategy for farming new clients.

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It’s natural to have questions, and wants to make sure you have everything you NEED to SUCCEED. These are the answers to the top questions we get, but if you need anything at all you can always call our Pro Success Team at (602)-838-4167 

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