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It’s natural to have questions, and wants to make sure you have everything you NEED to SUCCEED. These are the answers to the top questions we get, but if you need anything at all you can always call our Pro Success Team at (480)-870-9501 pro FAQ's

Can I claim a whole zipcode, like 90210?

No, sorry. The program is built around the concept of being Hyper-Local with your marketing. If you claimed 60629 (Chicago) for instance, you’d have 114,129 people to try and connect with… Good luck with that! The goal is to establish a relationship with those in a market you want to dominate. We help you do that by claiming communities, not zip codes. By being hyper local with your marketing, you can get repeat clients that actually have a relationship with you. Rather than a ton of random leads that waste your time.

Can I license more than 10 communities?

Absolutely! We have had people start with 1, 3, 5, 10, 20 or even 50 communities. Everyone has different business needs and we try to make sure that you’re only getting exactly what you need to succeed. But if you’re a branch manager or your company is on the larger side, you may want to lock out your competition and claim a ton of communities for your team. If you’re interested in a bulk license deal, just reach out to our support staff and we will be happy to discuss wholesale pricing.

I have referral partners in multiple states and am licensed in multiple states. Is it possible to have Communities in more than one market?

We have lots of clients that are licensed in multiple territories. Our number one recommendation is to focus on the Professionals you want to work with, and collaborate with them to find your ideal Community locations. We would also be happy to get you additional communities, or let you change to another available community at any time if you or your team decide. It’s your membership and you can absolutely use it how you want.

Do I have to have a different Referral Partner for each of my communities? Am I able to have one person cover multiple Communities?

It’s your membership, and your claimed community,  you are absolutely allowed to have the same Referral Partner listed in multiple communities. We recommend that you have more referral partners, so you can get more referrals, but every business is different and has different needs. If you have a Referral Partner that sends you tons of business, you may want them in multiple communities. That’s 100% ok.

How will you promote me to homeowners within the communities?
  1. HomeSafe Report with Monthly Valuation Reports
  2. Lifetime Client Campaigns
  3. Community News Email & Direct Mail Campaigns
  4. VIP Concierge Service
  5. Safe Kids Now Neighborhood Watch Program
  6. Community Impact Events & Campaigns
  7. Neighborhood Deals & Discounts
  8. Referral Rewards & Rebates Program
What differentiates the WinByNoon with Raving Referrals coaching courses from all of the other courses out there offered to me? How does all the Business Coaching work? Do my Referral Partners have access to the courses as well?

There are 8 coaching calls every month that members will have access to. 2 Bi-weekly WinByNoon with Raving Referrals courses taught by Todd Bookspan & Brandon Barnum,  a weekly course from Eric Whitmoyer from the MyBizCoach training program, and bi-weekly Ask The Expert courses on Marketing in a Digital Age. There is also a 103 part Raving Referrals course that you will be able to access online that coincides with the book you are provided. Everything you need to turn this year into your greatest success yet. Our coaching program is taught by experts with over 50 years combined experience and over $2 Billion in closed  transactions. With a back catalog of hundreds of hours of classes, and a blueprint for how to apply the knowledge, no other coaching program offers the tools, resources or support that we give. Best part of all, every class is recorded so you never have to move your schedule around and won’t miss a thing.

I’m in a new community that I’ve only lived in for a year or two. Will it be harder for me to utilize this program?

Not at all! We have many people that are using this platform as a way to dominate new markets and connect with others in their new communities. This is an amazing way to establish a strong position for your business, even if you’re a fresh face in your neighborhood.

What happens at the end of the program? Can I still be the Pro in the communities I license?

You will always have first right of renewal on your community. When your membership time ends we will reach out to you and make sure that you are still having success and want to continue your membership. Nobody will be able to claim your community unless you specifically decide.

If one of my Communites is under performing during my membership, will I be able to change to a new Community?

Yes, of course. So long as there is an unlicensed community available.

Does this membership include direct mail pieces that go out to the homeowners or will they need to do direct mail pieces themselves?

We are looking at adding direct mail as a bonus or add-on in the future, but we are not currently including that within our packages. If you need assistance in designing a flyer or promoting your events and services, we can help with that. Something the Pros can provide to homeowners now and moving forward, is the HomeSafe Report. Here is a quick video of the HomeSafe Report. It is similar to a HomeBot but we’re providing it for free instead of charging hundreds of dollars each month.

How does your Concierge Service work? Who pays for it and how much does it cost?

Through your membership, you’ll have access to many different amazing tools and resources that can help both your clients and your business. Our 24/7 concierge service can be sent to anyone you choose through the ProPortal, and it doesn’t cost you or your clients anything at all.The VIP concierge service allows homeowners to call or go online to set up everything from Moving Help to Registering their kids for school. It’s a one stop shop for everything a homebuyer could need at any part of the homebuying process. There is no cost to you, it is free with your membership. The services include Water, Power, Moving Companies, Home Inspectors, Painters, Plumbers, Cable Providers, Internet Providers and any other service that the Homebuyer may need. There will be a dedicated portal as well as a dedicated team member to assist with anything that your client needs.

 It’s something that will bring your clients tons of value, and offer an opportunity to get in front of brand new faces.

Do you post on the community site on our behalf or are we to do that?

Both. We will create the community pages and post content that promotes you as well as your Sponsored Realtors. However you will also be able to post and share content using that platform as well. We recommend that you are as involved with your communities as possible, but we’ll help you along the way. We have multiple platforms that we will utilize to share community news. Including but not limited to Social Media, Posts on our site, and the community pages that we are working on generating as well.

I don’t have many Referral Partners I work with. Will you help me learn how to do that better?

Absolutely.  We give you access to scripts,videos and coaching so you understand best practices to help you win new business and business partners. We also have members that are looking to add your industry to their communities. So there are plenty of opportunities to get connected with Pros in industries that can help your business get to the next level. Our team is great at making introductions and connecting communities so don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Can you track the production that has brought in to the Pros?

There are 9 ways that we help get you in front of new clients. Many of them cannot be tracked because they will be organic referrals that are given to you by your referral partners. However, if anyone contacts you through our site, or through the Homesafe Reports, you will be notified that the referral is coming from You can also see which Referral Partners you’ve brought in, and how many members are on your Trusted Team. But there is no way for us to keep track of referrals that are exchanged between you and your Referral Partners. If Paul the plumber recommends Carl the contractor to Holly the homeowner, we wouldn’t have any way of knowing about it. But by building your business using our system, you’ll be able to automate your funnel of leads and not have to spend time chasing down clients that don’t buy.

Can I “gift” someone a membership?

100%. Many people have Referral Partners or other business owners they know that would benefit from being a member of If you’d like to purchase a community for someone you know that provides services to homeowners, reach out to our team and we will walk you through the process.

I live in a rural town of 2000 people, in a community that is very spread out and only has 8000 residents. How can I utilize the platform given that I don't have many options for Communities near me?

We have a dedicated team that works with you throughout the onboarding process to ensure that you’re getting in front of new clients. Communities can be selected based on neighborhood, HOAs or in some cases zipcodes for more rural areas. We have many clients in smaller states that had the same concern and we were able to make sure they had an excellent strategy for farming new clients. If you have a specific area you are interested in, reach out to our staff at the number listed below.

What if I put someone on my Trusted Team and they don’t hold up their end? Do I just lose a Community that I’ve selected? Am I stuck with that Pro even if they aren’t providing me leads?

Accordion ContentAlthough we are sure that the Pros you select as Referral Partners will bring you clients and business, sometimes you will find that certain partnerships are not the best fit. That’s totally ok! As the Member in our program, you will have full control of who your Trusted Team members are. If you aren’t clicking with someone or they aren’t holding up their end of your partnership, the team is more than willing to address it with them, and if necessary remove them from your communities. We are here to support you, and you are in the driver’s seat. We want you to be working with people that have the same drive and passion that you do, and can represent your brand in the communities. You will never lose a community just because a Referral Partner no longer wants to participate, those communities belong to you.

How does the financing program work?

We have partnered with Flexx Buy to offer financing for our programs with monthly payments depending on your credit.  They offer rates starting at 4.9% and have credit options all the way down to a 620 credit score so the vast majority of people are getting approved.  They do a soft credit pull so it won’t hit your credit report unless you move forward after you are approved.  Many people get approved beyond the program price so it’s a great option if you are looking for some extra capital to get you through this time or upgrade your business. Head to

Is there an example of what these Home Reports look like? I’m curious what exactly I’d be sending to homeowners, where my logo is, what information is included, etc.

Absolutely!The best way to learn more about Homesafe is to check out this video. It will break down exactly how it works, and best practices for utilizing it to up your marketing game. 

Homesafe Report Demo:

Does your Homesafe Report reflect an increase in home value once someone does a renovation? If not, is it something I could add for my reports specifically?

Our Homesafe report runs off of the industry leader in AI Home Valuations and they update the value automatically every week. There will be a feature added to Homesafe which allows people to submit home repairs or renovations manually, but the numbers have been consistently accurate thus far. So the short answer to your question is yes. The value will automatically increase on the reports and you will be able to submit renovations.

Will be sending my clients any other emails? I wouldn’t want them to get anything other than the home reports.

Not at all. Your contact list is yours to keep and we won’t be sending out marketing material to anyone. All of your contacts will be saved in your ProPortal but we don’t put them in our CRM so they will only be receiving the material that you choose to send. Your referral partners also will not be able to see your contact list. Data is one of the most valuable resources on the planet and you worked hard to get the contacts that you have. We want you to hold onto those.

Are there any statistics on how many referrals a typical group generates. I’m just curious what I could expect annually for referrals.

That really depends on the group, everyone runs their business a little differently and I like to remind people that you have to take action to see results. So we have some teams out there that signed up 6 months ago, and they still haven’t decided which community to market to. I have other clients that have only been in their industry for 6 months, but by following our blueprint, they were able to add 7 referral partners and get 11 deals referred to them in the first 30 days on the program. I saw one guy get 4 deals in the first 48 hours. So it works if you work it, kinda like a gym membership. You can’t bulk up if you’re skipping leg day. But statistically, the top 2% of earners in business have 10 referral partners or more. So once we get you there, you’ll definitely be finding success.

The Pro pages are optimized for search with page title, meta data, heading tags and images. Once a Pro has claimed their profile, they have the opportunity to better optimize their pages to show up higher in Google search results. Search engine rankings do not happen overnight, it takes a good 30-90 days before Google sees a page multiple times to cache them, and index the pages, and include them within the Google index from page 1 to 10, and 10 spots within each page, ranging from 1-100 total results in the first 10 pages of Google. This is why we’ve optimized the Community Pages with a very high level of keywords and unique and distinct content, so they can rank in search for long tail keywords that consumers are searching for. But, SEO isn’t the main point of the Community pages, they’re designed to showcase the top Pros that service the community, all which are searchable in site search.

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It’s natural to have questions, and wants to make sure you have everything you NEED to SUCCEED. These are the answers to the top questions we get, but if you need anything at all you can always call our Pro Success Team at (480)-870-9501

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