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My experiences throughout my childhood allowed me to understand and appreciate various cultures and realize that people have their own unique qualities, but yet some traits always remain the same. We all want the same things as human beings – a sense of belonging, a desire to be loved, and a sense of security.

My dad was a Master Sergeant in the Air Force so we moved around a lot as a family. I was born in Hawaii, then we moved to Virginia Beach, Texas, England, then to New Mexico. When my dad retired from the military, he turned to my mom and said, “You’ve been following me around for years. Now, where do you want to go?” She had one answer, in Colorado.

For part of my journey before setting roots in Colorado, I lived in England for most of my younger years. The country has so much history and I was fascinated to learn about it. There was an old German P.O.W. camp right behind our house, I’ve walked on Normandy Beach, and I’ve been inside the Anne Frank house. I loved every new adventure because it allowed me to learn and grow as an individual.

Having been born and raised in a military Family was very challenging at times. The constant moving, leaving friends and communities that I had connected with was a big struggle for me. I had always tried to approach each relocation with an open mindset, but sometimes it was much more challenging. As I look back on the accumulation of the different cultures, there was a silver lining to all of it; It allowed me to better understand and appreciate peoples’ unique characteristics. There was always this underlying desire as human beings – a sense of belonging, a desire to be loved, and a sense of security.

My career path to find my true passion was similar to my childhood in a sense; I did a lot of job-hopping in my twenties. I started out in sales – working for a cellphone company for years, then ventured into event promotion and planning where I planned and catered events and weddings. I went back to cell phone sales, then worked for a recruiting company, matching employees with jobs in IT and finance.

While working as a Director of Sponsorship Sales for a large corporation, I had a terrible leg injury and had to undergo multiple surgeries. The recovery time was gruesome physically and mentally. The company that I had been building my career around was starting conversations about my ability to continue without being able to travel. While fighting through the recovery of almost losing my leg, I started wondering if I really wanted to work for a company that showed such little concern for my welfare and did soul searching to find what my true passion was. That’s when I started researching getting my real estate license; I’ve always loved meeting people and working directly with them through the relationships I had built, and for once, I felt I was able to have control over the direction of my future. I took classes toward my license while recovering. Since I had broken both bones in my leg and shattered my ankle, it was a long recovery, but this new drive and vision truly helped get me through. By the time I was fully recovered, I had my license and knew I had made one of the best decisions of my life.

For me, it’s about creating and nurturing relationships with my clients and moving forward from there. When I first got into real estate, I had imagined it was all about making the sale, but then I realized it’s really about helping other people grow, build, and get to a comfortable place where they feel secure, safe, and happy.

I help people find their success beyond tomorrow. I believe it’s important to plan for the future and think strategically about your success and what it looks like to you, and then figure out how to get there. Sometimes it’s finding their first home or finding their forever home, I help set up my clients for success beyond tomorrow by building their wealth through real estate. Whether it’s just building equity or fixing and flipping different properties, I can help make it happen.

License #: F100079268

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