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I strive to be kind to everyone that I work with and build a sold relationship of trust, positivity and joy. I take fiduciary responsibility very seriously and find a lot of joy from sticking behind the clients I serve and representing their best interests, even if that means having tough conversations or if it is not in my own best interest. I work with buyers and sellers! I am an avid reader and believe strongly in personal growth to influence and impact lives. I host a local networking group “Inspiring Entrepreneurs” in attempt to share the things that I learn with other local business owners and create great relationships that benefit our clients. I put on 5 client events per year to stay in touch and have fun with those I serve. I believe in providing value before, during and after each transaction. I am much more concerned with the lifelong relationship I can have with a client, than I am just facilitating a deal. I aim for a wow experience by over-communicating and doing my best to represent each client’s best interests. In turn most of our business is repeat and referral business. I would be so thrilled and never too busy to work with you should you choose to reach out with a need. I have a phenomenal lead tracking system that makes it so I am in constant communication with anyone we have the pleasure to work with and I will do everything I can to get your referrals closed and deliver an exceptional experience. My assistant helps us so much to stay organized and staying ahead of all of our communication. I’ve been helping people buy and sell homes since 2007 and I’ve been extremely fortunate to have been able to help over 700 people through the buy or sell process.

License #: 100017222

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