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Financial illiteracy is the #1 economic crisis in the world. It’s a life-skill not taught in schools. You don’t learn it from your friends, family or co- workers. The odds are they don’t know either. And this causes a lot of problems. We didn’t see an education program that could fill the need for this problem, so we built our own. We teach from the best-selling personal finance book in America. It’s called HowMoneyWorks, Stop Being a Sucker. This has been featured on Network TV and Social Media all over North America. ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox. They estimate over 50 million people have seen the cover of the book on TV. With over 50,000 new readers a month, this is the preeminent financial education tool in middle America. If reading the book by itself is enough for you, great. But this is just the first step to our education process. Since this is so important, most people would like some help. We teach classes from the book, on Zoom and live, in both English and Spanish. This is the first financial book that is thin, simple and fun. It’s not boring. It’s for anyone from ages 8 to 80. Becoming financially literate and having access to great products and services is a dream come true. Becoming a successful entrepreneur is a dream come true. Our systems, through HowMoneyWorks and e2E, help you build a successful business with the potential for both to happen.

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