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Hi, my name is Chad Droeg. I am a mortgage loan originator and broker at Xpert Home Lending Over the last 10 years, I have coached, taught, mentored, and guided thousands business owners and first time home buyers.

My approach to helping people is unconventional!

Buying a home is the most important (and usually the biggest) financial decision you can make!

I come from a place of education and will always take the time to educate my clients on the rules and intricacies of credit, credit scores, and credit reporting. My in-depth knowledge of credit allows me to help my clients be MORE STRATEGIC in this competitive and ever changing economy.

I operate from a WIN-WIN mentality and aim to make the financial side of business and home buying easy to understand, Exciting, and Fun!

At Xpert Home Lending we specialize in self employed borrowers, financing for Rentals & AirBnbs, traditional & non-traditional mortgages.

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