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Stucco Services

Stucco Contractor

Stucco is a popular and durable exterior finish that’s used on homes and businesses around the world. It’s one of the oldest types of finishes and it’s still used heavily today. Stucco companies install this protective coating over the top of wooden or concrete walls to give them a nice finished look and to make them more durable as well. Stucco can be finished in a range of different colors and textures as well, giving you great control over the final appearance of the product.


What Stucco Companies Do

Stucco installers apply a thick layer of cement that has the appearance of a plaster material over walls and other exterior home surfaces. These installers will often apply a waterproof paper and a metal lath to the walls before finally applying the cement finish. Stucco contractors apply between two and three layers of the cement, treating each layer differently to create a final protective surface that’s between ½” and ¾” thick.


Who Would Require the Services of a Stucco Company?

Anyone looking to get a stucco finish on their home or business would need help from a stucco contractor to complete the work. Stucco contractors are also called out for most stucco repair work, though individuals will sometimes try and do this work on their own.


Why Hire a Professional Stucco Company?

Stucco is very difficult to install properly without extensive training, experience, and work with all the necessary tools. From mixing the cement to the right consistency, to troweling the material onto the walls of a home at the proper thickness and pattern, it’s not something that most people can get right on their first try. Unless you’ve been installing stucco for years, you probably don’t want to take on the project yourself. If you just have a small crack in your stucco, you may be able to make the repair yourself, but you could still benefit from working with stucco contractors. A pro can determine the reason that the crack formed, check for underlying wood rot and damage, and make a repair that closely matches the original stucco layer. Most novices would struggle with achieving the right consistency and color to get a stucco repair to match properly.


Pros of Hiring a Stucco Installer

  • The stucco job will be finished sooner
  • You will save money on materials used in the project
  • You won’t have to purchase the tools to do the stucco work
  • A professional stucco installer will leave you with a high-quality finish
  • A more durable finish
  • Protected by a warranty when the work is complete


Cons of Hiring a Stucco Installer

  • You will spend far more on labor when hiring a professional


Installing stucco is one of those tasks that seem simple at first, but that is actually very difficult to do properly. Hiring stucco companies to work on your home or business will save you time and leave you with a nicer looking finish that’s more likely to stand up to the tests of time. Unless you have a very minor crack to fix, you should hire a stucco company to do the work for you so you can get high-quality results.

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