2022 is the Year to Add a Fresh Exterior Coat of Paint in Phoenix, AZ

Home-buyers are often surprised with how quickly homes in Arizona can experience wear and tear.  Those who have lived in the Valley of the Sun for a year realize that this is due to our intense sun exposure, extreme heat, unmatched humidity levels, unmatched wind speed, lack of water, lack of plant life suitable to support an ecosystem outside the home, and so on. 

 As such, you are more likely to have your exterior paint start peeling before your neighbors do because their house hasn’t aged as rapidly as yours has thanks to all of these factors working against it.  Of course, there are also those houses that despite being built at about the same time as yours still manage to stay fresh looking through 2020 or so.  Here’s the reason why: They had their exterior paint refreshed before it could peel or fade too much by professionals in 2022, which is when you should schedule to do the same!

Of course, there are other factors at play such as how often your home gets cleaned and whether or not local construction projects can be blamed for chipping paint on your walls; however, those factors likely won’t play a significant role compared to where and when you live.  As such, we’re here today to give you an overview of what you need to know about why 2022 was recently declared as the Year to Add a Fresh Exterior Coat of Paint in Phoenix, AZ.

This is because 2021 saw unprecedented damage caused by extreme weather events such as powerful dust storms and unusually large monsoon seasons.  This left many homes exposed to harsh conditions not suitable for the paint used on them, so by 2022 those paints were bound to start peeling sooner rather than later.  Of course, it’s also worth mentioning that this is a global issue thanks to the rapid change in weather patterns we’ve been seeing around the world lately, and Phoenix is just one of the first locations hit because we’re exposed to these changes nearly year-round thanks to our location!

Another way these professionals help future homeowners is by painting homes with more resilient paints so they can stand up to our harsh desert climate for longer. These new paints are also environmentally friendly thanks to their low VOC count rather than the higher levels found in older paint types that are still used on some homes today. However, you won’t find any professional painters or exterior decorators agreeing with them because they would rather see homes looking fresh than old and worn out!  That’s because a fresh coat of exterior paint is the cheapest way to update the overall look of your home without getting into costly updates like building an addition or moving walls around.

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