PODCAST: Jeff Borschowa and Brandon Barnum Discuss Tactics for Financial Wellness

In this episode, join of the experts of the Global Wellness HQ podcast, Jeff Borschowa and Brandon Barnum, CEO of hoa.com, as they discuss practical tips on financial wellness and the platform’s mission to revolutionize homeowner associations and connect homeowners with trusted professionals. The concept of hyperlocal social farming is introduced, emphasizing community-building and co-marketing within specific neighborhoods. Brandon highlights the value of referrals and outlines the referral partner blueprint for establishing partnerships with professionals serving the same clientele. HOA.com’s automated co-marketing engine is explored, showcasing the Home Safe Report and its role in promoting professionals to homeowners. This episode also provides insights on living life by design, emphasizing the importance of setting clear goals. The episode offers a comprehensive overview of HOA.com’s innovative approach and key principles for business and personal growth.

Podcast Overview:

  • The podcast is part of the Global Wellness HQ family, focusing on the nine elements of holistic wellness.
  • It features interviews with local and international wellness experts, providing practical tips in areas such as emotional, intellectual, occupational, physical, environmental, financial, spiritual, social, and habitual wellness.

Discussion on Referrals:

  • Brandon emphasizes the value of referrals, citing statistics that show referrals are more profitable and more likely to convert than cold leads.
  • The referral partner blueprint is discussed, focusing on identifying and formalizing partnerships with professionals who serve the same clientele.

If you want to be a local leader in your community by partnering with HOA.com for upcoming local events, go to HOA.com/impact.

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