5 Reasons to Choose Artificial Grass Instead of Sod


Artificial grass is one of the best ways to create an instant, lush lawn for your home. While it may seem like purchasing sod is a more economical option when trying to landscape, there are several reasons that artificial grass is actually cheaper in the long run. Read on to find out five reasons why choosing artificial grass over sod will save you time and money in the long run.


No More Regular Maintenance

When using real turf, you need to cut it regularly with gas powered or hand-powered mowers. You also need to water it regularly with sprinklers or hoses. If you don’t take care of your grass often enough, this can lead to browning and dead patches of turf. This means you have to reseed or patch these sections, which can be time-consuming and expensive.

Artificial grass requires no regular maintenance to look good. It stays green year-round so you never have to worry about reseeding it or watering it. This makes artificial grass the perfect choice for people who are short on time, resources, or both.

No More Weeds

Directly related to the lack of regular maintenance is that artificial turf will not grow weeds like real turf would. After a few months without regular care, your yard will begin growing more and more weeds as well as taking in pests like birds and other animals that want to make your lawn their home. Eventually these animals may cause serious damage by digging up your yard or destroying patches.

No More Raking

After it snows, you need to shovel the snow out of your yard before it melts and causes flooding in your house. Then, when it warms up enough for the grass to grow back, you need to rake all the dead grass off your lawn so that your freshly grown turf doesn’t get muddy when it rains or when dew settles on it overnight. This is another time-consuming task that takes away from other areas in your life.

No More Drainage Problems

When there is too much water in your yard (or not enough), problems begin to arise. Most people will eventually end up with excess water pooling into their yards that can create disaster. This is especially a problem in areas where the ground can’t absorb enough water. This means you have to install drainage systems to divert excess water away from your yard or invest in expensive landscaping that doesn’t require much watering at all.

Artificial grass solves these drainage issues by preventing any excess from pooling on top of the artificial turf, allowing it to slowly evaporate away into nothingness.

It’s More Eco-Friendly

You may not think so, but sod causes several problems for the environment. Many systems used to cut and transport sod cause harm to animals living in nearby habitats. Considering most people don’t want animals nesting in their yards, this creates a problem with disposing of the turf after installation.eco_artificial_turfgrass

Artificial grass also helps the environment by eliminating the use of pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemicals that can get into nearby water sources. While these chemicals may not immediately impact the people using them, over time they will get into our drinking water and cause damage to local ecosystems by poisoning plants and animals.

Of course, all artificial turf is not environmentally friendly, but when you invest in high-quality fake grass like the kind found at Artificial Grass Supply you can rest easy knowing that no chemicals or fertilizers were used to make it.

Overall using artificial grass is healthier for your yard and eco-friendlier than sod. Choosing this option makes sense for most homeowners and landscape designers.


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