5 Things You Should Never Do While A Loan Is In The Works

Keep a good relationship with financial institutions

Understanding how mortgages work has never been more important especially as today’s economic climate continues to change.

Here’s a list of things you should never do while getting a mortgage loan so that you can stay on track for becoming a homeowner.

While the loan is in the work, these are some things you should never do:

  1. Don’t switch jobs or quit your current job – Lenders are looking for stability, both in terms of employment and income. If you switch jobs while the loan is being processed, this can cause delays as your lender will need to verify information with your new employer.
  2. Don’t run up large credit card debts – Your debt-to-income ratio is an important factor when applying for a mortgage, so if you run up large amounts of debt on your credit cards it could affect your chances of getting approved or the final rates and terms offered to you by the lender.
  3. Don’t miss payments on existing accounts – It’s important to make all your payments on time during the loan process, as any late payments could show up on your credit report and lower your chances of qualifying for a mortgage loan.
  4. Don’t take out new loans or lines of credit – This includes both big items such as car loans, as well as small things like not opening new store accounts that require monthly payments—anything that requires you to have additional ongoing debts should be avoided while in the process of obtaining a mortgage loan.
  5. Don’t forget to check interest rates – It may also be a good idea to review other lenders’ interest rates in case they are lower than what you are currently being offered. Just make sure that you don’t apply for too many loans at once though, as multiple inquiries into your credit will have a negative effect on your score and make it difficult for you to obtain financing.

Managing your monthly payments and your monthly income to keep a good balance

The home loan process is often laden with uneven terrain and missteps, making it important to be aware of the faux pas one should avoid while in the middle of a mortgage loan. 

Making changes to your credit, employment, even moving money around, before completing the mortgage transaction could cause serious delays and may even result in total disqualification. Having a professional on your side can look like Stacey Dowling from Revolution Mortgage, making sure your journey can keep your financial situation as stable as possible.

Every detail counts when applying for a mortgage loan and it’s best practice to keep things as steady and consistent as possible throughout the entire process – don’t make any major changes or purchases until after you close on your new loan.

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