5 Tips For Packing & Preparing That Will Make Your Move Stress-free & Simple

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Make the Packing Process Easier and Know Which Packing Materials You Need

Moving between homes is never an easy process, especially if you have a lot of possessions that need packing.

Before starting the move itself, there are several things you should take into consideration in order to ensure that everything gets packed properly and arrives safely at your new home.

Here are 5 tips for packing & preparing to move that will help make relocation stress-free:

  1. Organize Ahead of Time
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Organizing ahead of time and creating a moving plan is key to a successful move! Compile an inventory checklist of all items needing to be packed, labeling each box by room or type of item. Make sure fragile items are securely stored in bubble wrap, packing paper, or even blankets to avoid possible damage in transit.

  1. Use Sturdy Moving Boxes
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Make sure you use sturdy cardboard boxes for your more valuable items, such as electronics and dishes. Investing in plastic bins can be especially useful if you’re planning on simply loading them onto the truck without unpacking them individually. Permanent markers are great for labeling each box and room so everything remains organized during transport.

  1. Pack Essentials Separately
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Don’t forget to keep some essential items separate from the rest of your belongings as it’s helpful for accessibility after arrival at your new location! Separate any must-have items such as toiletries, medications, first aid kit, and important documents like passports & birth certificates that should remain together throughout the entire relocation process. Changing of clothing is also a good idea too just in case the move takes longer than expected or in case there is an emergency situation that requires changing clothes on short notice.

  1. Label Each Item Carefully
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Make sure you label each piece individually with its contents and destination room! This will help when it comes time to unpack as everything will arrive in its predetermined area making it much easier when searching for specific items later as well as avoiding confusion between who took what during the move itself.

  1. Make Sure You Have Adequate Supplies
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Bubble wrap, cardboard boxes and duct tape are must-haves when packing up. Duct treating not only securely seals all containers, but it also labels them accurately with the contents inside – this includes labeling furniture pieces if necessary. To stay on the safe side, make sure you have all of the necessary supplies before attempting to move fragile items like picture frames on walls.

If in doubt, contact a full-service move company for help

Planning ahead is key when moving to a new home. It can be easy to overlook necessary steps in the process, or underestimate the amount of time it takes to get settled in a new environment. Making a list of necessary tasks, like setting up utilities and transferring memberships, can help keep you organized and motivated.

Arranging for a moving service like Abby Paulme from NORTHSTAR MOVING CORPORATION in Austin can make physical packing and loading items much simpler. When dealing with paperwork, make sure that everything is properly transferred as well as signed off on. All these little steps will help make your move a successful transition into your new home.

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