A New Trend in 2022 Is Coming to the Phoenix Area: A Must For Your Kitchen Counter Tops!

Trends change all the time, even countertops. It’s possible to build a kitchen that lasts a lifetime. Calacatta countertops will likely be just as beautiful in a few decades as they are now. When remodeling an outdated kitchen, you should choose design choices that will enhance its aesthetics and make it last for years to come.

Top Kitchen Countertop Trends in 2022

Everything Residential LLC and HOA offer homeowners professional and quality home renovation services, including interior and exterior renovation within trends. Check out these kitchen trends for 2022 that will transform your kitchen into a modern masterpiece.


The non-porous, heat-resistant, bacteria-resistant quartz countertop material is top on this list and still reigns as the number one choice for kitchen countertops due to its durability. The wonderful thing about quartz is its low maintenance, highly durable, and extremely easy to clean. Quartz is an artificial material that is highly customizable, making it the perfect choice for homeowners who wish to personalize their bathrooms or kitchens.

Modern Concrete

Creating a refined, modern aesthetic with concrete countertops is the perfect way to create an industrial-inspired kitchen. It’s unusual to see concrete used as a material in a kitchen, but concrete-like materials are in high demand in 2022 as industrial design trends increase in popularity. Concrete countertops add a touch of texture to any contemporary space, and their durability and low maintenance make them ideal for kitchens. These countertop materials feature a concrete-like appearance, making them an excellent choice when you’re trying to achieve a similar aesthetic.

Honed is Better Than Polished

An essential part of creating your dream kitchen design is selecting a finish for your countertops. A matte, also known as honed, finish features minimal to no shine. A glossy finish has a lot of shine. Honed countertops will likely gain popularity faster in 2022 than polished finishes. You can apply a honed finish to several countertop materials including quartz, granite, and marble. Additionally, honed countertop finishes hide scratches and marks well since they lack shine. Honed countertop finishes are perfect for maintaining a contemporary look and adding an air of elegance to your kitchen.

Subtle Patterns

It’s no surprise that realistic and subtle countertop patterns are becoming increasingly popular since design styles are trending towards minimalism. Those who prefer a modern aesthetic in their kitchen will find that a minimalist design is perfect for creating a classy and elegant design. No matter what color scheme or design preferences you have, a realistically detailed pattern will bring a touch of class to your kitchen. In addition to making your kitchen look more expensive and luxurious, adding subtle countertop patterns is also a great way to make it seem more expensive. Choosing from the latest in-demand quartz countertop brands is the best way to make sure you eventually find the perfect stone.

Ready To Start?

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