ADH Solar is Installing Solar Panels in Scottsdale to Reduce Energy Bills

ADH Solar announced it will install new solar systems on homes throughout the greater Phoenix area, including Scottsdale. The company is installing a 7-kW grid-tied system with Enphase microinverters for a home in North Scottsdale that has been selling power back to Arizona Public Service Electric Company (APS) using the net metering program.

The company says installing a rooftop solar system allows homeowners to start reducing their electric bills while adding value and appeal to their property. In addition, if they decide to sell their home, installing a new roof is often part of the transaction so the buyer can enjoy the benefits instead of purchasing another system from an outside company.

“Our customers tell us that they see significant savings on their electric bill and we’re thrilled to install such a high-quality system,” said Keith Thomas of ADH Solar. “We’ve seen impressive returns from installing these types of systems in Arizona.”

ADH Solar says the biggest advantage of installing solar panels is homeowners get more control over their energy bills, reducing or eliminating dependence on their local electricity grid while protecting themselves from future rate increases. 

The benefits go far beyond a lower electric bill. Many communities in Arizona offer residents a cash rebate for installing a solar system, which can be used towards closing costs or property taxes when purchasing a new home. And with tax subsidies still in place, going solar will never cost more than installing a traditional roof.

ADH Solar is a solar energy systems installer that specializes in solar panel installation for residences and businesses. The company says it has been able to reduce solar installation costs through creative financing as well as by working directly with manufacturers to secure the best possible installation price for their customers. 

ADH Solar says solar panel systems can be installed in just a few days and provide homeowners with immediate savings, adding value to their property. And when the solar panels come with a 25-year warranty, it’s like getting free electricity for two decades.

The solar industry is growing quickly in Arizona, mainly because solar energy systems are becoming more affordable while offering significant benefits. The national solar research firm GreenTech Media predicts the entire U.S. solar market will grow by 40 percent this year alone, creating over 100,000 jobs. That’s twice as fast as the overall economy and three times faster than the fossil fuel industry.

ADH solar says one key to Solar’s success in Arizona is the Renewable Energy Standard, which requires electric utilities to create 15 percent of their energy from solar power by 2025. The solar industry expects this standard will make solar cost-competitive with electricity produced from fossil fuels within the next 10 years.

The solar industry has grown exponentially in Arizona since 2010. Arizona ranks 6th nationally for solar jobs with almost 6,000 people employed in solar-related fields, including more than 2,200 solar installers.

ADH solar says hiring a company that specializes in solar energy is the best way to get the most benefit from solar panels. Plus, it ensures the installation meets all local electrical code requirements and brings a host of benefits, including a 25-year system warranty.

Contact ADH Solar at (623) 244-4040 if you’re thinking of installing a rooftop solar system.

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