Andrew Lee with Lexington Insurance on Building Future Financials

What are future financials? Well, it’s essentially the approach that we use at Lexington Insurance to transform our agency into a more modernized state. Instead of focusing on individual transactions (most people who work in insurance are used to thinking like this), we focus above all on the client experience and on delivering value through service instead of through transactions.

Why do Future Financials matter?  

They matter because they help us deliver better services to clients everywhere while still making sure that they receive great value for their money.

What does it take to “build future financials”?   

We all know that Future Financials is actually a very specialized modernization of the insurance agency model. In this case, “who” refers to everyone involved in this transformation. That means, of course, you and I.   What do we need to do to achieve our goal? We need to use technology, of course! Never underestimate the power of some good old-fashioned automation when it comes to increasing your success rates and improving your client’s experience at the same time.

Why should we expect things to go right now while they’ve gone wrong before just a few years ago?

Well, because things are really starting to change rapidly outside of our industry (and inside of it, for that matter).

Well, what are the biggest changes in our world right now?

  1. Technology is improving exponentially.
  2. There are more people using the Internet than ever before! That means they not only have access to better services but that they can actually reach out and find them!    
  3. We’re all starting to see each other as real people instead of numbers on a screen or faces behind a counter somewhere!   

How do we start this transformation at Lexington Insurance?

The first step is by focusing on building relationships with clients, making sure that they know who we are and why we matter in their life.  The second step is getting them involved in our agency through value-added services such as online reviews and social media.

As more people come to understand that we’re not just a faceless agency but an actual person who they can trust, our client base is going to explode.  The third step for us is making sure that we have the right tools in place so that we can actually handle all of these new clients!

What does all of this mean?

It means that Future Financials are here — now! By staying on top of what’s happening today, you’ll be ahead of your competition tomorrow or next week! Remember: it’s not good enough to just survive out there–you need to stay alive long enough to thrive.

Contact Lexington Insurance Services at (480) 681-6520 if you’re starting to build future financials.

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