Creating A Security System You Can Monitor From Your Phone 24/7

How to build a security system that you can monitor from your phone and keep your family safer

  1. Security Cameras:

Installing a good security system in your property will always include the installation of security cameras, which can be an effective deterrent against criminals. Furthermore, with the right technology, you can set up your cameras to be accessible through your phone, so you can keep an eye on rooms and areas while you’re away.

  1. Motion Sensors:

A motion sensor is a great way to detect when someone or something enters an area that it monitors and triggers an alarm, alerting you if there’s any suspicious activity. You can obtain wireless versions that can integrate with your phone notifications so that you receive alerts wherever you are.

  1. Home Automation System:

An integrated home automation system allows you to control other connected security devices from one central interface – usually on a mobile app – or even through voice commands from a smart speaker such as Alexa or Google Home. It simplifies the process of controlling lights, door locks and alarms all from one place, enabling you to monitor suspicious activity on-the-go without having to manually visit each device for updates.

  1. Smart Locks:

Smart locks are another way of making sure no unwanted visitors enter your property without permission; as well as providing traditional security against lock pickers, thieves and burglars. In addition, with associated apps available on mobile phones and tablets – depending on the model – users can access their house remotely and grant family members or friends access when they are away from the house

  1. Doorbell Camera & Intercom System:

There’s no main entry point into any property unless it’s been allowed by permission; however most homeowners cannot adequately analyze who it is attempting entrance before granting permission due to either not being at home or not hearing the person knocking at their door properly (especially a risk for elderly homeowners). This is why having a doorbell camera with intercom systems in place becomes essential– now homeowners have eyes and ears at their doorstep at all times.

Securing your home is no longer a task solely reserved for an expensive home security system

Now you can use your smartphone to monitor and protect your property whenever, wherever. With the right technology setup, you can keep track of who enters and exits the house, be alerted if motion sensors or window and door locks are triggered, stream live footage right to your phone and get notifications when there is potential activity on the premises.

Setting up an appointment with Jack Grimm from Securimax you will see the available security kits according to your needs and budget. Remember that by being able to monitor your property on demand (no matter where in the world you may be), you’re not only protecting it but also giving yourself extra peace of mind.

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