How To Make Sure Your Electrical System Is Safe For The Holidays

How to Ensure Electrical Safety During the Holiday Season

  1. Check cords and outlets
    Correct Extension Cord Sizes Are Critical to Safety

Ensure that all of your extension cords are in good condition with no fraying or exposed wires, any outlets placed outside the house should be the proper type (GFCI), and make sure you don’t overload any circuits.

  1. Inspect before decorating
    Electrical Inspection

Inspect any decorations such as lights, inflatables and figurines to check for damage and faultiness prior to using in or around your home. Ensure that all clips, hangers or hooks are appropriate for outdoor use as some outdoor decorations can give off sparks and can become a hazard if not inspected properly.

  1. Use light-emitting diode (LED) lights
    LED Lights: The Pros and Cons - Moonlight Design

Using LED lights is an energy efficient way to decorate as opposed to traditional incandescent bulbs. LED lights also generate much less heat than their counterparts, making them much safer to use over long periods of time with lower risk of fire hazards associated with them.

  1. Place decorations away from flammable items
    Free Clear Glass Ornaments on Green Christmas Tree Stock Photo

It’s very important to ensure all decorations are placed away from flammable items such as curtains, furniture or anything else that could catch fire if close enough to a source of heat like a candle or electric current running through faulty wiring powering strands of light decorations.

  1. Don’t unplug lights by pulling on their cord
    Unplugging devices when not in use

Pulling out lights plugged into sockets by the cord itself can cause stress on the socket which might lead to damaging it so you should avoid doing this at all costs – try using the switch instead! Similarly consider using plug strips whenever possible instead of multiple adapters/extension leads fused together – this will reduce stress on power outlets too!

Additional Safety Practices for Electrical Holiday Decorations

Taking the steps to prepare your home ahead of time will help you enjoy more of that joy and less stress. One essential way to do this is to check on the electrical system in your home. Ensuring that all wiring, outlets, and major appliances are in proper working order will give you much needed peace of mind this season.

If you find any potential issues with any part of your electrical system, call a professional electrician as soon as possible, such as Troy Goudeau from The Armor of Troy Handyman Services in Phoenix. Doing so will secure the safety and reliability of your home’s power, helping you have a happy and stress-free holiday season.

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