PODCAST: CEO Brandon Barnum on ‘How to Be a Homeowner’ with Ashley Atwood

On this episode of the ‘How To Be A Homeowner’ podcast, with Ashley Atwood of Sunshine Hill Properties, Ashley discusses how to find a quality service professional with Brandon Barnum, CEO of HOA.com, a company that connects professionals who serve homeowners to get home projects, home maintenance done right the first time.

As a professional that serves homeowners, you now have the opportunity to exclusively license and claim the local communities you do business in. Pros can claim their profile on HOA.com, license communities, get biz coaching, and access to the HOA.com HomeSafe ReportTM to provide to homeowners, home buyers and home sellers to find their home value. It’s the ultimate GIVE to the homeowner from a Pro, and it’s less than $1 a day for a single community.

If you want to be a local leader in your community by partnering with HOA.com for upcoming local events, go to HOA.com/impact.

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