REAL ESTATE INTERVIEW: Lance Billingsley & Brandon Barnum Discuss How to Attract More Real Estate Clients

Lance Billingsley & Brandon Barnum Discuss How to Attract More Real Estate Clients. If you’re interested in learning more about Raving Referrals, Hyper-Local Social Farming, and claiming local communities as the #1 Realtor, join in on all the action at

Just within the first ten minutes of this interview discussion, you’ll be able to learn what you need to do as a real estate agent in today’s housing market.

What’s Working Now for Realtors®?

What is old is new again. Agents have been hearing this for the last few years, real estate agents who are following up and staying in hyper-local communities have been seeing tremendous success by leaning into their platforms and databases. The Realtors out there that are not doing this are not going to succeed.

As a realtor, you need to do two things.

  1. Know your value.
  2. Know how to pitch it.

Getting back to the basics is key. Another tip is that the fortune in the follow up, these timeless strategies work and it’s all about relationships.

Looking at online lead generation forecasting. According to NAR, 82% of all real estate consumers do not remember the agent who helped them buy their house. This leaves a lot of opportunities for those real estate agents who are actively farming local communities.

More Questions Answered in Video Interview:

Covered above, is the first 10 minutes of the video. Next, you’ll be able to answer these and more:

  • Will MLS start sharing data to become more transparent for the consumer?
  • How to Smaller Markets Compete with Larger Markets?
  • How to gain more leads in today’s market?

There is so much value for realtors in this video, if you’re an active real estate agent, it’s a must watch:

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