Replacing Your Grass with Artificial Turf in Tempe, AZ

If you want to relocate your outdoor activities, then artificial turf can come in handy. Many homeowners are getting rid of natural grass and replacing it with the new synthetic version that has become all the rage nowadays. Here are some things you need to know about having this done for your yard:

The Pros

1.) The great thing about artificial turf is that it’s not weathers dependent. You don’t have to worry about rain or snow because it won’t damage the grass. There’s also no risk of drought if water restrictions are in place in Tempe, AZ. This means you can play sports on it anytime, whether it be day or night (although we do encourage taking caution when the asphalt is hot during summer).

2.) Another benefit is that it won’t need mowing. There’s no need to invest in equipment or pay someone else to do the job for you. This also means that there’s no noise or disturbing smells associated with lawn maintenance. You can play soccer in your front yard without waking up the whole neighborhood.

3.) Children and pets will find it more fun because of its softness and continuous “grass” appearance (it appears like an endless sea of green). The only concern is whether they would be tempted to dig holes all over your freshly laid turf (hopefully not).

4.) It keeps your home cooler than grass during the summer months because it doesn’t absorb heat from the sun, so the temperature difference between artificial turf and natural grass at your home can be as much as 10 degrees.

5.) It requires less maintenance than grass, like mowing and watering.

The Cons

1.) You should expect to pay more for artificial turf than natural grass, simply because it costs more to make. The increase may only be slightly higher, but it’s still there (usually around $6 per square foot). Also, the quality of the synthetic lawn doesn’t match up to that of real grass (you can find out why here). Realistic appearances are usually reserved for premium grades; economy versions tend to look fake or pixelated. Definitely not what you would want to display in your front yard!

2.) Some areas have strict ordinances protecting native plants and vegetation. You need to check with your city officials to find out whether it’s legal to replace your natural grass with synthetic turf. There are lots of concerns about preserving the environment, so that may be a reason for them not allowing this practice.

3.) It doesn’t have the same cooling effect as natural grass does because it also absorbs heat from the sun. Temperatures can feel hotter under artificial turf compared to real grass in Tempe, AZ. However, there are some types that use recycled materials or incorporate special coatings to decrease temperatures by up to 20 degrees! You can also consider adding shade trees or other forms of vegetation around your home if you’re concerned about staying cooler on hot days (and they do help).

4.) It can be difficult finding someone to install it for you because there aren’t always people who specialize in this service. You might have to call around and shop around until you find a company willing to work on your project, and not all of them may be suitable for the job. It can even take weeks before they start working on it, so don’t expect instant results – patience is key!

5.) Artificial turf is usually made with pet-friendly materials like recycled rubber pellets, but some companies use silica (sand) as well which can irritate allergies or those with respiratory problems. There are biodegradable alternatives out there that break down naturally over time (usually takes about 2 years). Your best bet is to ask the supplier beforehand what materials they use and if they’re safe for your pets and kids.

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